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Monday, November 29, 2010

Your Monday Mews

'Good Morning' Brian Rodgers

Happy Monday, I hope your weekend was interesting. Our daughter (a 4th year Nursing student) moved over the weekend, so as you can imagine we were busier than usual. She was renting a home with a few friends and has now moved to an apartment on her own - she's even closer to the University than she already was. The weather was so fabulous (certainly a blessing when you are moving) that I couldn't resist posting a few pics on Saturday (see We're Getting Spoiled).

We went to a dinner Saturday night held at our daughter's church, which was an art show/fundraiser for the Edmonton Dream Centre for Women; a group home for women in crisis. The speaker and video presentation were both very moving. I really enjoyed the evening and appreciated all the talent represented. The painting above is not from the show, I just like it.

The artists

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  1. Very nice art work display and I rather like the lamp on the right in one of the pictures.
    The picture of the three pieces with the birch trees caught my eye.