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Friday, November 12, 2010

A Beaver Tale

Mom & Beaver

Growing up I had a little brown dog named Chocolate, actually everyone knew her name was Beaver, except for our next door neighbor, a slightly deaf old Frenchman who certainly liked his daily nip or three. Occasionally, he would crawl outside for a smoke at the end of his walkway (this was in the 70's when everyone still smoked inside their homes) and if he happened to spot our dog, he'd croak out "Hey, Chocolate!" at the top of his very hoarse voice, which was still surprisingly loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear. Good times!

Just one of my childhood memories I thought I'd share with you all today lol, plus it's a pretty cheap segway to my next 2 posts.


  1. Mom looks so young! She still does, but she's only about 31 or so there. Good memories of little Beaver...remember how our next door neighbour would pronounce it...it wasn't just chocolate with 2 sylables, it was choc-o-late!

  2. You're right lol - I can still hear it like it was yesterday!