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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Face Only a Mother Could Love!

Lun Lun, a 13-year-old female giant panda at Zoo Atlanta,
is shown with her third cub, who was born Nov 3.

The only giant panda to be born in the United States in 2010 is officially a male, officials at Zoo Atlanta said. The cub was born Nov. 3 to Lun Lun the panda, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The as-yet-unnamed cub weighs a mere 11 ounces and has not yet opened his eyes. A male panda usually grows to weigh more than 300 pounds as an adult.

Veterinarians didn't get to perform routine exams until late last week, when Lun Lun started leaving the cub for brief periods so she could eat and drink, Fox 5 in Atlanta reported.

There are fewer than 2,000 giant pandas in the world and only 11 in the United States, including the new arrival. 

Lun Lun and her son are not expected to appear in front of the public until spring. Until then, animal lovers can watch the family via the zoo's Panda Cam: 

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