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Friday, November 12, 2010

World chocolate supply nearly exhausted!

99% of Raw Chocolate Has Already Been Mined, Experts Warn

By Ruth Hershey
World Press Syndicate

Glubenville, VA--One hundred and seventy Virginia chocolate
miners won't be returning to their jobs tomorrow because their 
employer, Migrus Confections Group, believes the men have 
removed nearly all the raw chocolate that can be practically 
extracted from their site. The closing of the Glubenville mine 
marks the tenth chocolate mine closing in the state of Virginia 
and the fifty eighth shutdown of a raw chocolate extraction 
operation in the United States. According to the World Council 
on Desserts and Sweets (WCDS), over three hundred chocolate 
mines worldwide have been forced to cease operations in the 
past decade.

"This is a global problem and it ain't going away,"said Rich Brown, 52, 
a chocolate miner who has spent over thirty years working chocolate 
mines in both the Eastern U.S. and Central America. "I could probably 
get work overseas, maybe in the Austrian or Swedish chocolate mines, 
but even those are pretty much tapped. Most people in this business 
are looking to get out. The way I see it, we've got three more years of 
chocolate left in this world to enjoy--if we're lucky. It's high time I quit 
mining it and got busy eating it."

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