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Middle Earth

My love of all things Rings knows no bounds! In fact, long before I knew I'd be visiting Hobbiton in New Zealand (this past May 2012), I'd already compiled my own fan page celebrating this charming world and the wonderful characters who inhabit it.

The Home of Bilbo Baggins

My visit to Hobbiton was definitely one of the highlights of my life.
If you'd like to see more pics of my visit to The Shire, check out the following links:


Some music to entertain as you look around?

Neil Finn: The Song of the Lonely Mountain





This Tolkien Superfan re-created Bag End with 2,600 balloons!


How's the weather in Mordor today?

Now this is true devotion!


My Hand-Made Hobbit Hole

Maddie Chambers has lovingly re-created the home of Bilbo Baggins in exquisite detail.


How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended.
This is hilarious :D


Hey, Lego my Ring!

Pez Heads 


Awesomely Delicious!

These cupcakes are the creation of 'Love is Cake.'



In anticipation of The Hobbit, Air New Zealand created a Middle Earth inspired safety video.
We flew Air New Zealand and I can confirm it was the friendliest, most upbeat flight I've ever taken.

These murals were only recently added and are the largest ever applied to an airplane. 


And now, for the very first time, the weather in Elvish!!


  1. I loved reviewing all of this. Imagine having your whole back devoted to this theme! I think you have added to your collection of pictures, they are really interesting.
    I too would like a flight on Air New Zealand, great looking painting on the outside.
    I hope to see "The Hobbit" also in a theatre during January.
    I must seem like a dream Jane that you actually were right there, its something you will never ever forget.

    1. Thanks Lorene! I hope to keep adding to this page - so check back once in a while :)


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