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Monday, November 29, 2010

Child at Heart

When pawing through second hand stores, I try to look over the children's books as well. I purchased Everybody Needs A Rock 3 or 4 weeks ago. It jumped out at me immediately for a number of reasons.

Foremost for the illustrations, which have an obvious Native (American) influence. I have always loved Native art and this love continues to grow stronger with each passing year. Native art exudes a tremendous strength and connection to the earth and a higher power (whatever this higher power may be, you sense a respect for each person's individual interpretation). I remember the first time I was exposed to Egyptian art/iconography (& The Group of Seven to a lesser degree), I was filled with an awe; I feel much the same way about Native art.

Secondly, I like the simple, straightforward way the author's message is conveyed. Everybody needs a rock, and as you carefully pick out your rock following the ten rules Baylor outlines, you begin to (re)connect with your true self and the earth.

I recommend this book to all grown-ups and kids, 
and all grown-ups who are kids (you know who you are)!

A brief biography of Byrd Baylor found on the net:
Byrd Baylor lives and writes in Arizona, presenting images of the Southwest and an intense connection between the land and the people. Her prose illustrates vividly the value of simplicity, the natural world, and the balance of life within it.

Illustrator Peter Parnall:
From the desert Southwest to the Coastal Northeast, Peter Parnall's work explores the natural world. With stunning attention to detail, his more than eighty books survey the many complex relationships found in the wild.

When I was looking at numerous websites, it was interesting how many adults praised this book as one of their all-time favourites children's books.

Bend over.
Even more.
You may have to
on the ground
with your head
the earth.
You have to look
a rock
in the eye.

don't blame me
if you
can't find
a good one.

Don't ask anybody
to help you choose.

I've seen
a lizard
pick one rock
out of
a desert full
of rocks
and go sit there
I've seen a snail
pass up
twenty rocks
and spend all day
getting to
the one
it wanted.

You have to
make up
your own mind.

A few other Parnall projects:

This one looks enchanting

I'm hoping to come across some of these books now that they have come to my attention.

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