"My mind sees that I am nothing, my heart sees that I am everything, between these two poles my life unfolds."

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Monday

I trust you had a good weekend. It was cold here, with snow falling (or blowing anyways) for much of it.  Winter's arrival last week was far too sudden; I appreciate being gradually acclimatized to the cold, but this year that was not to be. So we basically hibernated all weekend. On Sunday I was getting a bit of cabin fever and also suffering from a very mild migraine, so I figured the prescription was to get outside.  My husband and I bundled all up, I in particular to an almost ridiculous degree, and went for a long walk behind our place.  There is a walking path directly behind our property with a large open field beyond that, it's instantly very peaceful once you get back there. We had a lovely time and the cold air was very refreshing. If you are a migraine sufferer you will understand my seeking out the cold - it has an instant minimizing effect on your headache.

My daughter was showing me these hats posted below.  They are hilarious, but so perfect for our climate. She plans to crochet one for a good friend of hers. He's a redhead, so the hat will be one color and the 'beard' red. I was learning to crochet a few years ago, but didn't keep it up. There are so many stylish projects to make and the patterns are very modern, I really must get Caroline to give me some more lessons.

In addition to the Harrowsmith 2011 Almanac, I also purchased The Old Farmer's 2011 Almanac (Canadian Edition) on Friday.

Interestingly there is an article in it outlining 23 Curious Cures for a Headache which come courtesy of the 18th and 19th centuries. Here's a few of the curiouser.

Scrape moss from a skull, pound it into a powder,
and sniff it up your nose
Have someone blow smoke in your ear
Mix a beaver gland with olive oil and beeswax, shape it into a pill and swallow it
Tie a salt herring around your neck
Apply cobwebs across the bridge of your nose
Wrap a rattlesnake tightly around your head

I've had a few headaches where I would have welcomed the treatment below:

This is one of my personal favorite 'cures' lol!


  1. I think the polar bear has the best idea of any of them.

  2. Yes, it looks like a very quick and effective treatment!