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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Missing Unicorn

NEW YORK - Have you spotted a unicorn?
Bizarre missing posters have been displayed around New York City in search of the mythical creature, reports the Los Angeles Times.
The poster describes the missing unicorn as a female with a friendly disposition.
There is a reward, but it's in the form of smiles not cash.
The signs are a hoax by New York-based painter Camomile Hixon to brighten people's day.
"I was travelling back and forth in the subways, and I just noticed the dejection. I'm a pop artist, and I thought – if I could just make one person smile," she told the newspaper. "A unicorn is beyond race, beyond religion. I thought, if I could just make a handful of businessmen on Wall Street think about unicorns, I will be successful."

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