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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Love Vintage part 1.

'Vintage' sounds so much chicer 
Greetings everyone, it's a simply gorgeous day here; +9 and sunny.  I think any good weather we get from November 1st onwards needs to be celebrated.  I ventured out early this morning to Value Village and Rocky Mountain Antiques. The prices in Value Village sure have been steadily climbing - they are certainly not giving their stuff away. I think they may have forgotten that they are not selling new or 'antique' goods - most of this stuff you could get at a yard sale for a quarter! Still I can't stop going there because I love the chase and once in a while you do find real treasures. One thing I took note of today (as a result of this month's theme) is owls - there are owls literally everywhere you go. Whooo knew!

Something for the Graduate in your life...the cap unscrews so you can add your favourite cologne or perfume!  It looks like something Avon used to sell. $6.99

This was very cute. It's made by a well-known pottery company. $9.99

Very retro looking.  This is Salt, poor Pepper is missing:(  I actually saw the cookie jar on the net the other day and they are all made by Pottery Craft (each piece is numbered), but $8.99 for 1/2 a set?

Not sure what this is supposed to be...a toothpick holder is my guess.  They kind of look like gnomes.

I love squirrels

This is just silly. I couldn't handle this staring at me everyday.  I think I'd be afraid to reach for a cookie - I might just get my hand chewed off.  Perfect for dieters!

        I adore everything amber. This candle holder was one of my purchases. It's in immaculate condition.

My second purchase was a hilarious recipe book which I'll profile on Friday.  It's definitely 'unique'  Please check out Part 2 when I went to Rocky Mountain Antiques.

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