"My mind sees that I am nothing, my heart sees that I am everything, between these two poles my life unfolds."

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stuff, stuff!
Glorious, wondrous stuff :) 
You know you need it!

Happy Monday! I trust you had a good weekend. I played hooky from blogging and I think I will continue this practice throughout the summer months. It gives one time to ruminate and I feel my creativity surged as a result. We had lovely weather - a huge storm which came on so suddenly late Friday night, shocking actually, but by Saturday morning we were once again looking at a beautiful day. Saturday afternoon I went to a community yard sale. I can scarcely begin to describe the sheer pleasure I get from snooping through other people's castoffs... it's a sickness haha!

I already own another of Julia's books The Artist's Way. The Sound of Paper is pretty much in the same vein: practical methods and musings to help discover and boost your creativity. These books are for anyone: writers, musicians, artists alike.  Throughout the winter months I was following one part of her program (outlined in both books) whereby you write three pages of whatever - essentially stream of consciousness - first thing in the morning before you read, listen to the radio or watch tv. You are free to be creative or complain bitterly - anything goes. She calls them The Morning Pages, and they are a way of tapping into your creativity and silencing The Censor - our inner critic who seeks to shut us down. I fell off the wagon this spring, but am happy to say I got back on yesterday morning. (We'll see how long I last this time...) This is only one part of her course. If interested, you'll easily find copies of her books in Value Village or Goodwill - just check back once in a while - I see them quite often.

Aren't these lovely?
I couldn't believe someone was selling them - practically giving them away.
I hung them on my fence, tucked in amongst the trees.
This trench is actually more green than grey, the material and condition are superb.
I love the lining and the gathers at shoulders, cuffs and belt :)
This vendor was Bethany, one of my daughter's friends.
Her handmade price tags are adorable.
This was also Bethany's - I love owls.
Almost forgot this jug - I'd already found a home for it!
I seem to collect odds and ends of pottery everywhere I go.

My last two treasures are the tin bird pill box (25 cents!) and the frog/mushroom glasses - which were actually my daughter's glasses she'd purchased from Ikea a few years ago. I was always sorry I hadn't purchased some for myself and now they are discontinued. Anyways, these are the only two left from her original set and she finally gave them to me (I've been dropping numerous not-too-subtle hints for quite some time now :)

Well, that was the highlight of my weekend - as they say they, one man's junk...


  1. Treasures, treasures, treasures... Looks like you scored! Love those butterflies. What a great addition to your garden. I enjoy snooping around for unique and unusual items. You never know what you'll run across. We had a lovely day yesterday, after all, so I spent the entire day in the garden. I feel so refreshed. Nothing like hanging out with Mother Nature to rejuvenate the soul.

  2. I had almost started blogging on weekends... then I quickly talked myself out of it. I like having my weekends as a whatever I feel like doing day.

  3. Your new finds are really great. The butterflies will be very nice on the fence. I also noticed the small pill box (?) with the robin on it.

    Is the trench coat for viewing your garden in the rain, it sure looks like a nice one.

    Very cute little owl, soon you will be known as "The Owl Lady"......lol

  4. Hi Martha, I feel exactly the same way after working in the garden.

    Hi WebDebris, I think this is the way to go for me - at least during the summer months.

    Hi Lorene, Yes, it's a pill box with 2 compartments :) The trench is in perfect condition - I will wear it out and about, but not in the garden. I only wear unmatched, ill-fitting clothing when gardening lol!

  5. Treasures! You got some great finds:)

  6. Hi LaelShine, I sure did - once in a while you just get lucky :)


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