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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doesn't Everyone Garden in their Housecoat?

I thought I'd post this photo I took on a dare. Early Thursday morning I went outside as I usually do and meandered around my yard, pulling the occasional (occasional - ha, I wish) weed and assisting a wayward vine or two. I happened to also be on the phone at the same time (multitasking as usual!) and mentioned that I was getting overheated (it was already shaping up to be a warm one) and that perhaps I should take off my housecoat... that got a chuckle and the suggestion that I take a pic and post it on my blog for my readers amusement.

So here I am in all my glory, housecoat, rubber boots, sun hat and glasses - and I hope bet I am not the only one who wanders around their yard like this! It's confession time dear readers. Do tell!

(Interestingly, by Friday night we had a frost warning and I had to cover everything up overnight.)


  1. I do in fact garden in my housecoat - my neighbors are quite used to seeing me out there in various states of disarray, but hey, summer is short, we can't do that in the winter, that's for sure!

  2. Actually I do the same when I want to survey my garden in the morning.

    Its very peaceful and quiet at that time and I do enjoy my stroll around in my housecoat just looking around and listening to the birds and seeing the odd squirrel.

    You do look very charming but it is a bit blurry....can't really see your face...lol

  3. What is so awesome is not the housecoat, but the sun hat with the housecoat!!

  4. Hi Tatiana, I knew I wasn't the only one! I have however, yet to see my neighbors on either side out in anything but proper street attire. They really need to loosen up a bit lol!

    Hi Lorene, I have a pic from 27 years ago with you in your housecoat outside picking flowers... As for not seeing my face - that was the idea lol!

    Hi Tricky Nag, :) - I really need to move back into the country!

  5. Ha ha...love it! This should be garden fashion. I bet it would catch on. I don't wear a housecoat but I do go out in my sleepwear in the morning. And, like Tatiana, I am often seen in various states of disarray on a lengthy gardening day. I really don't care. Once I'm out there, the rest of the world disappears; it's just me and my plants.

  6. Hi Martha, I'm like you - I really don't care what I look like when I'm gardening - that shower afterwards sure feels great though :)

  7. Oh Jane, I love it! That look just screams gardener to me. When I lived in Williams Lake, I was often out in the yard in various states of unusual -to others!-dress. I once followed a bear up the berm in a nightie and my woof and meow plastic shoes, with a neighbor,lol/ I haven't felt that relaxed here yet,but you're inspring me!
    Where did you get your hat? I've been looking for one...

  8. LaelShine, The thought of you following a bear in your nightie is so hilarious. I lived on an acreage in Peace River for 11 years just prior to moving to Edmonton - that must be where I get it from! As for the hat, I picked it up at the Bay a few years back - they always have a great selection.


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