"My mind sees that I am nothing, my heart sees that I am everything, between these two poles my life unfolds."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

By George, For Once George Is Right!

"If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right," 

I stumbled across an intriguing essay in The Huffington Post the other day entitled The Costanza Correction: Why Happiness Is Doing the Opposite which, as you may well imagine, caught my eye! 

The author begins by facetiously stating "It's not easy to arrive in Los Angeles when you're on a flight to New York." He then goes on to explain why it is that so many of us often find ourselves going in the wrong direction in life by turning the tables on these three common myths:

"Firstly, self-worth and happiness are supposed to come from external approval, in the form of yardsticks such as status, money, beauty and popularity, when the research shows that it's generated by the exact reverse -- intrinsic goals that produce growth and gratification felt by you, nobody else. 

Secondly, your personal value is supposed to come from nonstop production. Any halt in busyness is a mortal sin. But quality recreation is actually the engine of productivity and life satisfaction, the polar opposite of all the training you get. (I particularly like this one ;)

And lastly, few of us would suspect that what our brains and psyches want is engagement with the unknown, the reverse of the impulse to cling to safety at all costs."

Interesting points. In many respects nothing we don't all already know, (except for possibly his third point) but a great reminder nonetheless. The full essay (linked above) was worth the read.

Another pearl of wisdom which I recently gleaned from another blogger I regularly visit was  "If you want to do it, do it. Truth is, you're probably doing what you decided you wanted to do." 

Just thought I'd share these ideas which really resonated with me over the last few days. Food for thought and they seem to go along with Monday's art project. I must be in a phase (we all go through them) where I am re-evaluating my life... perhaps another mid-life crisis is looming on the horizon lol!

I look forward to your feedback.


  1. I have actually thinking about this lately and wondering if it is a sign of the times. My father, who is 30 years older than me, seems to be striving for the same things as I am.

    The economy has struck many people hard in the US, including myself. I have lost close to 50% of my yearly income. Though my quality of living has suffered greatly, mentally I am a lot more tranquil than I have ever been. (Poles seem to reflect this is happening nation wide.) My goals in my life have changed from wanting fancy houses and luxury cars to just living a simple life in the country, taking time to watch nature, and spending some time with my family.

    My father is retired so the economy has not hit him as hard. But he also is going back to the simple things in life. He has converted all of his farm land back to nature. He just wants the simple pleasure of looking out the window and seeing a deer cross the yard. (Which I am happy to say as happened.)

    I think the re-evaluation of life is happening everywhere, with many people, and in several age ranges. Sorry for the long comment, but this topic has been of great interest to me lately.

  2. LOL, I had MY first mid life crisis when I was 25;p Went and got my tongue pierced!
    I like your phase, it's giving me good things to think about too.

    Its neat to see people realizing all these interesting ideas. I've always lived intuitively, and before I realized this was
    a good thing, I often beat myself up for doing the opposite, even though it was working for me and was my truth. I bumble my way through life and somehow it all turns out ok:)

  3. Hi WebDebris, I appreciate your comments very much. I believe you are right when you note that people's goals in life are being re-evaluated - first out of necessity, but I think (hope) it goes much deeper than that. I have said for years that I couldn't undersand how everything could just keep growing and profits right alongside... a lot of pressure on everyone to keep up with the Jonses' and live the dream - or at least the one we've all been told we should be dreaming. Your father certainly sounds like he has his priorities in the right order.

  4. Hi LaelShine, You sound like an old soul to have had your mid-life crisis so young! I think these are all principles most of us already innately know; sometimes in life we just get a little lost along the way.

  5. I haven't had a mid-life crisis yet, but if one comes along, I hope it involves some traveling :)

    I've always preferred the simple life, so I've been pretty content my whole life. I don't believe material things are what we need to be happy.

  6. Martha, lol, I really haven't had one yet, but I agree, travelling would be great therapy!


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