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Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Horse manure's not that bad. I don't even mind the word manure. It's newer, which is good, and a ma in front of it. Ma-Newer. When you consider the other choices, manure is actually pretty refreshing." - George Costanza

Thursday greetings! Thought I'd favor you with a quote from the man I love to hate. Today will be a bit of this and that - a sort of stream of consciousness if you will. Let's see where it takes us...

Well, you would never have known it was June here yesterday - it was so cold and grey, it felt more like October. I did manage another very long walk (close to 5 km) and a bit of puttering in my yard, including spreading around my last bag of sheep manure. It's supposed to rain here today, (again) so at least I don't have to bother with watering it in... so I guess it's all good, depending how you look at it.

All this poo talk has reminded me that one of the gift shops at the African Lion Safari, which I visited last month, was selling paper products made from elephant dung. The line is called The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper. These are not my pictures though, for some reason I didn't take any - even though I spent quite a bit of time admiring the product line.

I considered purchasing a few of these, but didn't

Are you a migraine sufferer? I am and it can turn a perfectly good day into a really shi#%y one (hehe - that's a pretty good segway, if I say so myself!) 

Painting of a migraine aura - Kathryn Beals

Last week I read in the news (and one faithful reader also sent me the link) that scientists have recently determined migraines have a genetic link. Interestingly, one of the three genes discovered are exclusive to women. I find this fascinating and while it's still not a cure, or even a diagnostic tool at this point, it is one more piece in the puzzle.

And lastly, further to yesterday's post, I watched video footage of the eclipse on a number of websites last evening, and happened to find this interesting mosaic of the event compiled by Marko Posavec in Koprivnica, Croatia in my travels.

Hoping you have a great day!


  1. As usual, I was all hyped after seeing your eclipse post with the link to the webcam but then I got busy and it slipped my mind. So I missed it. :(

    I too suffer from migraines. Mine, oddly enough, are more often brought on by heat exposure. Excedrin Migraine and lying down in front of a fan with a wet washcloth seems to be my cure.

  2. Hummm, elephant poo, poo paper roses! I don't think they will catch on anywhere very quickly...ha, ha.

    Too bad we could not view the eclipse here in the Western Hemisphere as I understand it was very lengthy and beautiful. The pictures you posted are very interesting.

  3. WebDebris, Oh well, there's always the next one and hopefully that one will be visible from our neck of the woods. My migraines have thankfully become fewer and farther between the last 10 years.

    Lorene, I was thinking they'd make great gifts... lol. As for the eclipse, I submitted a complaint to The Universe, but have yet to hear anything back!

  4. I've only suffered one migraine in my entire life, and it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I hope to never have another. Ever.

    Love the eclipse mosaic. The universe is so fascinating.

  5. Martha, Migraines are brutal - I'm thankful mine are easing as I get older - in my case they were obviously hormone related.

  6. My dad in law has great memories of squishing his bare feet in fresh horse manure:)

  7. LaelShine, Oohh, that is not something I'd enjoy lol!

  8. Ha! I remember when George said all that about manure; he was on a date and was a nervous wreck if I remember right. I remember thinking it was a ridiculous thing to say on a date, like he was having a really bad case of diarrhea of the mouth.

    I have lots of chicken poo. And if I had the energy and time, I'd have as much horse and cow manure as I'd like from my neighbors. But there are only so many hours in the day!

    I've never had a migraine, thank goodness, or headaches. That's one area I've been lucky in. My sister used to get horrible ones. I'm glad yours are improving with time and age. :)

  9. Hi April, Yes, this was George's lame way of 'breaking the ice' on a date - that's why I love to hate him, lol.

    Lucky you, at least it's available when you need it, haha.

    Everything else may be going to pot, but at least my migraines have improved with age :) They started when I was a child and ruined a lot of days for me.


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