"My mind sees that I am nothing, my heart sees that I am everything, between these two poles my life unfolds."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have an important announcement to make:

Rarely am I void of all inspiration, but I've seriously got nothing for you today.

 Here he is again!

(There's actually a cute story behind this bunny :)

Why then am I here, you may well ask?  
By George, because I'm dedicated - if nothing else!
That, and I'm completely

Haha - It's Wacky Wednesday folks :) Of course I'm only joking, I have plenty to say lol!

Did you know that June 8th is Pick Your Poison Day?
I couldn't decide, so I chose two!
What's yours?

Are you too busy to pet your pooch?
Are you allergic to your cat?
Have no fear, the PetPetter is here!

This one made me laugh, especially in light of my very first blog post

And finally, in the weird and wonderful category... 

Well mateys, you may recall my post a few weeks ago 
about the obvious nautical theme in lawn decor trending right now. 
I was amused to happen across this lawn ornament on a walk a few days ago.
It's actually kind of cute :)

Hoping you have a great day!


  1. Har har har har har... I laughed like a fool at the photo of the cat blogging!

    Love that last 'nautical' photo. It is kind of cute.

    My poison would be a large slice of strawberry cheesecake with a huge scoop of 'heavenly hash' ice cream. Mmmmm....mmmmm...

  2. I wouldn't want to know what my cat blogged. She is evil. (shivers)

    My poison... I would have to say a moist chocolate devil's food cake with a thick layer of chocolate icing.

  3. "Never touch your pet again"? That is great. But, if it were a grooming machine to never have to brush my pet again, or pay a professional to groom him - I'd be all over it like a dirty shirt.

    As for poison: any gooey chocolate concoction.

  4. Heehee,I love your silly side!

    Hmmm,poison..two..black coffee and food. All kinds:)

  5. Hi Martha, I refused to go on Facebook unless I could go on as a cat lol!

    Hi WebDebris, Chocolate rules :)

    Hi Tricky Nag, Never touch your pet again... kind of defeats the purpose of even having a pet in my mind.!

    Hi LaelShine, I actually started out this post with nothing to say (if the truth be told) but I sort of ended up inspiring myself in the end!

  6. For someone who had nothing to say, you sure said a lot.....lol

    I rather like the nautical theme for lawn decor.

    Nautical seems to always say summer for me.

    I agree with Tricky Nag if the pet device groomed the pet I would be getting one for sure.

  7. PS- A bunny with a pancake on its head. Really!....too funny....

  8. Hi Lorene, I do see what you mean about it suggesting summer. I think the bunny is hilarious - I laugh each time I see him :)

  9. The patent for the pet petter states that it's meant as a supplement, in case you're neglecting your pet a bit, which is more sane. However, most pets I know INSIST on their share of affection.

  10. Hi Tatiana, I'd love to see the cat who'd sit still for this contraption, and I know my dog would never be fooled or satisfied by it - she'd still continue her demands lol!


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