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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Greetings! As promised, here are a few pics of my day at the African Lion Safari in Cambridge, Ontario. I was a child the last time I visited this attraction and so it was fitting that my brother, sister (and mom :) were also along for the adventure! I highly encourage you to follow the link above to the official website. A short video plays as soon as the page opens, so have your speakers turned up. There are a lot of animals at this park, so many in fact, that this post has been turned into a 3-part mini-series lol! Today the big cats (my personal favorite) and giraffes, tomorrow a plethora of various animals and Saturday, the birds of prey and elephant shows.

You don't have to tell me twice...!
The King of the Jungle

We were treated to some vocalizations that I think were calls
for the pride to gather at the lookout.
The first lioness took her place.
Rounding up the rest of the girls...
One by one they gathered by his side.
It's good to be King :)

We couldn't help noticing that most of the giraffes had sticks in their mouths, 
I've since found out that in the wild giraffes browse on the twigs of trees, 
preferring trees of the genera Acacia, Commiphora and Terminalia, 
and also eat grass and fruit.

 They can eat 65 pounds (29 kg) of leaves and twigs daily!

I liked this sign on the restroom :)


  1. Wow...just got back from the website for this place. It looks amazing. And the weird thing is, I've never even heard of it. How could not have heard of this place?? This has now been added to: 'Places in Canada I want to visit'.

    Love the lions; they're so amazing...

  2. Hi Martha,
    I am surprised that this is the first you've heard of it, but now that you have: you need to go,especially since you are so close - your family would love it!

  3. Fantastic place to visit. A wonderful day out with the family.

    These pictures are stunning to say the least.

    No wonder the lion is referred to as, "The King of the Beasts". Its obvious from these photos.

  4. Hi Lorene, I have to say that I am pretty pleased with how they turned out - considering they were taken from inside a vehicle and I was in the back seat. I agree - the lion is majestic.

  5. Lions, oh my! What a fun day. The pictures are awesome, I will be onto the next posts to check out the rest of our furry/feathered friends.

  6. Hi Michelle, It really was a great day. I'm glad we could all be together for once :)


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