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Friday, June 10, 2011

Does this measuring tape look intimidating to you? 

I was turning up some pants the other day, and at first I thought it was the iron or ironing board that had Emma our seven month old Morkie so jumpy, (I'll admit, I haven't ironed for quite some time!) but I soon deduced it was in fact, this limp yellow measuring tape that was the culprit. I laughed to myself when she first growled at it, she crept closer and then bolted to the wall farthest across from where I was working. And stayed there; wide-eyed watching. 

I am getting used to Emma occasionally taking a dislike to something for no particular (to me at least) reason. My husband's pipe comes to mind, a pottery bell hanging from our deck, the wind. Last week it was the sun casting shadows from behind the trees onto my shower curtain that had her tail in a knot! I guess it's a big scary world when you are so new and tiny. 

"I'm only little"

Once I'd finished my project I threw the tape on the rug halfway and waited to see what would happen. Very gingerly she crept forward and it was lovely to see that moment she first realized it was harmless :)


  1. Awwww...so cute. When you're that small, there must be a lot of things that seem menacing.

  2. I love the caption "I'm only little" under her picture. Where is the shale wall behind her? I can't get my bearings!

  3. Awwwww! I have a kitty like that, afraid of everything:) Perhaps, our two should get together,lol He likes dogs,oddly. He'd freak me out by tempting fate with our neighbor's pitbull and border collie,two dogs with high prey drives. They never hurt him, I think they were as shocked as I was at his boldness!

    Your Pup is very very sweet! I love her face,she's smiling!

  4. Hi Martha, We just got back from the groomers... that's always pretty scary too lol! Must be a puppy thing.

  5. Hi Michelle, I actually thought of you & Danny when I wrote it :) As for the wall it's to your right when you first come in - you'll soon see for youself!

    Hi LaelShine,Thanks, she is a cutie :) Emma could use a little buddy - be it a cat or a dog. I am intrigued that your cat likes dogs - usually they only tolerate them! I actually had a cat meowing around my place last week and my first thought was that it might be Betty, our cat who ran away last fall. I never actually saw the cat and then it was raining for a few days and it hasn't been back since, but I was wondering how we would explain that one to Emma!

  6. What a cute story about Emma and the tape measure, I enjoyed it.

    The picture of her is so perfect, all she has to do now is start talking.....lol

  7. Malice (my cat) does the same thing. Items she has walked by a dozen times before will suddenly startle her. She will jump back about a foot, stare at it, then slowly creep up on it and swat it. I am beginning to think that is her way of finding an adventure.

  8. Love the photo! She looks so cute and dorky :) I too think animals amuse themselves sometimes by treating something as a threat. Although in her new case I think it's the world that's very scary and real.

  9. Hi Lorene, She does look quite intelligent in this pic :)

    Hi WebDebris, I totally love your cat's name! It's very unique. Your theory may very well be correct.

    Hi Tatiana, Lol, I agree, she does have a kind of dorky look to her! Probably because she had just been groomed and we had them trim her up extra in anticipation of warmer weather.


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