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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Greetings! I stumbled across this darling pic and accompanying story in the Daily Mail yesterday. The chipmunk, who has been named Eleanor by photographer Barbara Lynne, pounced on this tasty treat within minutes of her hanging it in her back garden for the birds. Gorging on as many kernels as possible, Eleanor returned to her den to empty her pouches and then dashed back for another mouthful until the entire cob had been stripped bare, all within half an hour! This is the fourth year this chipmunk has been visiting Barbara Lynne's garden in Ontario.

Our third and final chapter on our safari! I apologize for the heavy picture load, 
but I whittled it down to as few possible, considering how many I started with!

So gorgeous!

Owls are amazing creatures.

You can have an elephant ride at the park.
This was a great show.

Feats of strength!

Well, this concludes our tour folks, we hope you enjoyed the show. It's been our supreme pleasure - we hope to see you all again real soon!! As you go, please remember:
You can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals - Immanual Kant


  1. Amazing, especially the owls; they're such gorgeous, and fascinating, birds.

    Love the photo of the chipmunk. Soooooo cute!

  2. The little owl is so, so charming. Isn't he a darling?

    Is it a barn owl?

  3. I love owls. I use to have one that sit in the tree outside my window when I lived in Indiana.

  4. Hi Martha, I agree. After the lions, the owls are my favorite.

  5. Hi Lorene, I believe the one the trainer is working with is a barn owl.

    Hi WebDebris, I would love to have an owl living close by ... another reason to move back to the country.

  6. I want an owl!! I think we should build an owl box this summer and see what we can attract. We've already set up a toad house and are waiting patiently for our first resident!

  7. Hi Michelle, Lol - I think you should definitely get an owl box... I can't wait to see the pics of whooo moves in!

  8. Hi Michelle, hehe, you liked that one I see :)


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