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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Officially Summer Everyone :)


  1. Lol, the husky is way cool. Would love to have one of those when I get back to country living.

  2. Yipee! Bring it all on. Get out and enjoy every moment that you can.

    Yesterday the sun crossed the line, so from now on in, the days will begin to shorten.

    I love the young dog in the first picture, he expresses my feelings for summer to a T.

  3. Not a fan of summer, but it means that we are closer to it being fall.

  4. WebDebris, I agree, he's gorgeous - I liked his 'smile' the best.

    Lorene, I found yesterday kind of sad in a way - now our days are getting shorter... already.

    Hi Mel, I guess you are like the first cat lol! I love fall as well, but summer best of all.

  5. Yay, summer! Too bad it's so darn short..[sigh]...

    Love the photos, especially the one with the first cat. Attitude...

  6. Yes, cats can always be depended on for Catittude'!


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