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Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Boom shakalaka baby"

Are you enjoying this season's American Idol? Last year I had vowed to anyone who would listen that I would not watch once Simon Cowell was gone. I was certain the 'magic' would be lost with his departure. Instead, the complete opposite has occurred: American Idol is better than ever and a good deal of it's new appeal for me, has to do with Steven Tyler. I had no idea how much I'd love him and his quirky ways. He is quite the character; witty and slightly eccentric, (how many men can wear feather earrings and get away with it :) each episode would not be complete without one of his golden comments. Last night I got to thinking that someone needs to compile all the Tylerisms into a random quote generator as they have done with Charlie Sheen. Here are a few of Steven's (we're on a first name basis now ;) gems from last night's episode:

Boom shakalaka baby.
Have you been watering that suit?
I loved you since the first moment you laid your eyes on me.

And other random quotes from throughout this season:

You define a cool dude in a loose mood.
Don't get too poppy on me.
I love when you go to your ethnic-what-it-is-ness.
Your momma gave you the moxy. Gospel had a baby and named it Jacob Lusk.


  1. I don't watch American Idol, but I think Steven Tyler is soooo entertaining, so I'm not surprised that he's added some energy to the show. What a character! He he...love the word 'Tylerisms'...

  2. I agree, I've always liked him as an entertainer, but I had no idea he was so funny and likeable.


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