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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thunder Speaks

Here is a novel idea for an old tree that needs to come down. This piece entitled Thunder Speaks is in Brantford, Ontario and while I've admired it as we've driven past many a time when visiting; I finally made a point of getting a few pics. This end of Brantford is known as Eagle Place, and the Woodland Cultural Centre is practically a stone's throw down the road. Wonderful detail on her, so please expand for a closer look. I emailed the address on the rock below requesting the history of this piece and received this lovely reply in response:

Ahnii , hello and good day.
The tree was struck as I watched the storm out the front window upstairs in 1999 after returning from an International gathering of first nations peoples in Australia
The top of the tree crashed on the roof and hung there just over my head. 
A broken branch attached to it came within less than 6 inches of coming through the window heart height.
This struck my attention with awe, no fear attached to it what so ever. 
Just strong a feeling of the power of creation.
I went out the following day and became fixated with the tree for an hour or so. 
The face of a beautiful young woman shone through the wood looking to the sky.
After 480 hours working daily from about 7 in the morning till 11 in the evening she came to life.
Her name is how she came to be here, when the "Thunder Speaks",
She asks for good blessings for the people in the same manner.
She was formally unveiled to the public by then Minister of Indian Affairs Jane Stewart. 
Also in attendance were a members of the neighborhood, a member of the provincial New Democratic Party, The New Dean of Wilford Laurea University as well as the News media.

Have been carving and involved steadfast in the arts since I was 8 years old.

If you would like to know more just e-mail.

Be well in  good ways 

Gary James (The bear)


  1. Oh, she's gorgeous and quite nicely detailed. The overcast day and bare branches sort of complement her, don't you think?

  2. So very interesting to know the history behind this piece. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. This is just so interesting to know how she came to be. I pass on that street often and have wondered the back ground story.

    Thanks Gary for sharing it here. You have been given a wonderful talent to be able to give life to this piece of broken tree.

    She is beautiful!

  4. Hi Jessica, I agree she does. To me she appears to be the safe-keeper of many mysteries.

    Anonymous, I agree - We often pass by places of interest without showing much interest...

    Lorene, You are fortunate to live down the street from her! I hope to have the opportunity to meet Gary next time I'm in town.