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Saturday, March 26, 2011


The Oxford Dictionary released their latest online edition and OMG, TMI & WAG are among the nearly 1,000 new words, sub-entries and meanings included. I'd have to say that for me, Muffin Top tops the list! 

There are of course two ways to look at this: melodramatically - "OMG, this is the beginning of the end of the english language!" or more realistically - "This is a record of the english language as it is now spoken." Personally, I like the latter and if you can't beat 'em I say, you might as well join 'em lol.

Here is a selection of other new entries of interest:

 dot bomb (noun): an Internet company which has become bankrupt or ceased to operate; a failed or unsuccessful dotcom.
 fabless (adjective): describes a technology company which does not do its own manufacturing.
 singledom (noun): state or condition of being unmarried or single state-run; (adjective) operated or managed by the government of a country.
 tinfoil hat (noun): used especially with allusion to the belief that such a hat protects the wearer from mind control or surveillance.
 ego-surfing (verb): the practice of searching on the Internet for mentions of one’s own name or the name of one’s business, website, etc.
 lossless (adjective): of data compression – without loss of information, allowing compressed data to be recovered perfectly by decompression; relating to or involving such compression.
 yuck factor (noun): a feeling of horror, revulsion, or disgust generated by an idea, action or situation.
 la-la land (noun): can refer either to Los Angeles, or to a state of being out of touch with reality.

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