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Friday, April 1, 2011

A hearty greeting to all you fools! You know who you are :)
Can you believe it's April already? 
Did I not just post the March pic from my Inuit calendar? 

This one for April is entitled Steadfast Herd by Kananginak Pootoogook. I'll admit it's not my favorite one, but there are others I am looking forward to and it's rare to like all the images in a calendar. 

Our yards are still close to knee-deep and I expect we will see a few more flurries before it's all over, but we crossed over into spring at some point through the night on Tuesday. I noticed it as soon as I opened the door Wednesday morning to let our puppy out; the air was delicately scented and noticeably lighter, like a weight had been lifted, and in the distance a few birds were singing. I realize that spring was official eleven days ago, but for me it didn't arrive here until Wednesday at approximately seven am.

By Thursday afternoon it was +8C, so we got out and did some exploring!
While not the most attractive image, it certainly says Spring to me.


  1. I happen to like this picture posted here.

    These fellows look like they are in tune to each other and on a mission, and will not be deterred from their destination.

  2. I understand that caribou migrate north in the spring to calve - I guess that would explain why they are so steadfast in their determination - they definitely are 'on a mission' :)


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