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Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is Francis. I'm afraid he's a little annoyed with himself right now. Yesterday, despite my best protests, he insisted I put him outside. Now look at him. I don't mean to rub it in, I really can't blame his impatience. Like the rest of us, he's been eagerly waiting for all our snow to melt; he'd just like to get out there and clear away the dead leaves and top up the mulch, if nothing else.

We've had fabulous weather for the past week, the grass has reappeared (in spots) and it was looking like spring was here to stay, but anyone who's lived in the north for any length of time should know better: especially if you've already hosed down the deck and taken out the lawn furniture!

Looking even more miserable, if that's possible...
an hour later and it's still coming down

Sorry, but I can't squeeze moratory* in here, no matter how hard I might try!



  1. Oh my...a horror film in the making! :)

  2. lol- I hope he doesn't get too annoyed...things could get ugly!


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