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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Like the Yorkie, the Morkie may crave and even demand attention from its family. 
From the Maltese side, the Morkie may inherit a sense of fearlessness as well as energy."

Super-puppy can now leap onto fluffy couches with just one bound!

Greetings! I trust your weekend was a good one. I had to share the above quote with you from the Great Dog Site. Hilarious and (we're finding out) very accurate. Terriers can be like little terrorists in your home with all of their demands - they will not be ignored! Good thing she is so darn cute :) 

While we worked on a project this weekend, 
poor Emma complained bitterly from the sidelines...

We did let her help with the cleanup :) 

A recipe for you later this afternoon.


  1. Awwww...what a cutie! With a sweet face like that, she can get away get away with quite a bit, I'm sure :)

  2. Emma looks like an excellent helper!

  3. Hi Martha, Some days...she's lucky she's cute lol

    Hi Lorene, Like a child, it's the simplest things that amuse her. A cardboard box trumps almost any toy ( except for her precious 'cricket') you could buy.


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