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Friday, April 15, 2011

Greetings! Well we survived what was hopefully our last dump of the season. It snowed the entire day and was still at it when I headed to bed. I estimate we received close to a foot. It's enough to make one vociferate...lol!

I stumbled across this amazing creature in the Huffington Post last night and am completely enthralled...

Under normal circumstances 'cute' and 'bat' are two words I would not expect to use together in the same sentence, but this new species of bat is kind of cute! Sometimes animals are so odd looking they weirdly cross over into that ugly-cute category.

Over 200 animals and plants were recently discovered in a rugged and little-explored region of Papua New Guinea. Among the species found was this Nyctimene tube-nosed Fruit Bat. Comparisons between the bat and Yoda have been made... but you be the judge!


  1. Awww...he really is cute. And he does look a little like Yoda.

  2. Hi Martha, I also think he looks quite intelligent...for a bat...!

  3. Yes I can hear you "vociferating" all the way to Ontario.

    I love your bats golden ears, nose and honey coloured eyes....it's a cutie.

  4. There are more where he came from - I'll get one for you...! A new little friend for Leo perhaps?

  5. I like that bat - and I think he is much cuter than Yoda. That's some schnoz (nose) he has! :)

  6. Hi April,
    I guess I am 'in love' again lol. I keep coming across the oddest creatures lately :)


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