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Thursday, May 26, 2011

"You have no idea how much it costs to look this cheap."
-Steven Tyler 

Greetings! With Scotty McCreery being crowned last night, another season of American Idol has come and gone. I wasn't going to watch this year, (you may recall I blogged about this a couple months ago) but I made the fatal mistake of "just watching the tryouts" and I was hooked again! Turns out it was one of my favorite seasons of all; and I've watched them all, religiously. What I'm mostly going to remember is Steven Tyler's most endearing, kooky self... and his one-liners. I sure hope he's back next year.

 I'd be surprised if you were aware that May 26th is officially known as Princess Leia Day. I stumbled across this oddity in my travels and found it quite amusing. I'm not sure just how true it is, but I'm running with it anyways! In honor of the day, here's the famous Jabba The Hutt scene with Princess Leia as slave. And speaking of great one-liners, another video featuring Pizza The Hutt from one of my all-time favorite movies Spaceballs. Too funny! 


  1. Spaceballs! What a classic. Now I have to go put it in my DVD queue.

  2. I haven't been able to watch for awhile,ever since I watched an obvioulsy mentally ill/incapacitated man horribley mistreated.
    Too bad, because I'd love to see my favourite frontman in that role!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your experience with me. I feel better knowing a little more about the condition now:) Its so lovely to meet you, especially a fellow Edmontonion!

  3. Hi WebDebris, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Spaceballs and Dumb and Dumber are two of my favorites in that genre.

  4. Hi LaelShine, Thanks for stopping by:) I'm sorry to hear about such a sad abuse associated with American Idol. I know that I have definitely cringed on numerous occasions during the tryouts, but I didn't (thankfully) see anything near to what you've described.
    Glad my sharing was a comfort to you.
    I enjoy reading blogs from all over the world, but those in Alberta and of course Edmonton are of particular interest to me.


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