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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Greetings! A bit of this 'n that for you today.

I enjoyed as the author of this humorous (& timely) book was interviewed on CBC Radio One yesterday morning. Sounds like an entertaining read. I'm watching the bargain bins for this one.

History’s Worst Predictions is a lighthearted look at fifty of the grandest predictions the world has seen—and how they proved to be spectacularly wrong. 
The book asks why we are still here, given that the end of the world has been foretold over 200 times, including: for 1833 by William Miller, who claimed to be in direct contact with god, and for 1997 by Nostradamus, king of the poor prediction.
Also looks at now-infamous gaffes that are in fact fake, such as Charles H. Duell, former Commissioner of the U.S. Office of Patents, who is wrongly credited with saying, in 1899, that “there is nothing left to invent.”

A few months ago I shared set pics and a link to Peter Jackson's Facebook page. Here is interesting video he posted from the start of production on the Hobbit. Ian McKellen (Gandalf) is in this one and a look at some very familiar sets from The Rings series.

Thanks to the latest free issue of The Violet Ray, Natural Health and Conscious Living Digest I picked up in my local health food store, I now know there is a new 'Whisperer'. We already have Horse, Dog, Lion and Ghost Whisperers; it only follows that there is now a Body Whisperer...!  Stay tuned for a show on TLC.

I recently reinstalled a moon phases app along my sidebar. The majority of us are not in tune with nature as we once were, or should I say as we once needed to be.  A Moon Trivia write-up in The Violet Ray caught my eye and is worth sharing.

Moon Trivia

May 17, 2011 Planting Moon (Corn or Milk moon) The blooming flowers of May and new crops are abundant everywhere during this time.

June 15, 2011 Strawberry Moon (Rose moon) Time to harvest your strawberries and red berries.

July 15, 2011 Buck Moon (Hay moon) Time for the buck deer to push out their new antlers, this signaled hunting season for the natives, also known as Thunder Moon, because of the thunderstorms that are most frequent during this time.

Gardening by the Moon

New moon to Full moon...Increasing in light 
Fertilize, Graft fruit trees, Re-pot tidy and manicure houseplants, Sow seeds of plants that grow above ground, Plant evergreen and deciduous trees.

Full moon to dark of the moon...Decreasing light
Eliminate slugs, Weed, Plant bulbs, crops that grow below the ground, such as carrots, potatoes, beets, Plant biennials and perennials, Prune shrubs.

Lastly, there is a new debate raging. One space or two after a sentence? I know that's what we were taught in grammar school and good habits die hard, (I still use two, except here on my blog - two spaces leaves quite a gap) but times are changing. I've caught this discussion a few times now on CBC (the latest this morning on Q).  Slate has an article on it (actually it's all over the internet) with lots of readers weighing in. So what are you - a one or two spacer?


  1. I should check the library near my house for the 'History’s Worst Predictions'; I'd probably really get a kick out of that.

    Body Whisperer? Sure, why not. We've covered so many areas for reality shows, why not do the same for the 'Whispery' side.

    One space for me. I was taught two spaces in school, but haven't really applied that rule. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter, anyway.

  2. I am still waiting for the Cat Whisperer. My cat is insane! Always been a one spacer.

  3. Hi Martha, The reason for the two spaced 'rule' was the introducion of the typewriter which used monospaced type - as a result there was a lot of uneven white space between the characters and letters, making it harder to spot the sentences, hence the adoption of the two-space rule. I didn't know this before (or frankly care!) but now that I am, I find it kind of interesting. Two-spaces is now old-school!

  4. Hi WebDebris, I'd like to see the person who could get through to cats...good luck!

  5. The moon really does play a role in all our lives whether we are aware of it or not.

    Farmers know how to read the moon for optimal planting and harvest times.

    City dwellers or those not quite tuned to the phases of the moon would be surprised as to what extend the moon does play a role in your lives.

  6. Hi Lorene, Sadly this knowledge is becoming all but lost amongst the general population - myself included.

  7. Hmmmm perhaps SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE can harvest strawberries in 3 weeks, but I assure you they're not in Alberta :)

    The moon affects us for sure, anyone working in emergency rooms, security or even retail can vouch for that.

    I'ma two space gal, depending on the font. Some fonts it looks great, others not so much.

    And anyone who'd like to fix my deaf, yelly cat would be a hero in my books...

  8. Hi Tatiana, About the strawberries, I thought the same thing myself. They must be referring to BC (It's published out of Red Deer and distributed in BC, AB, SK and MB)


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