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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No words of wisdom today, just pretty pictures from yesterday. 
It was a glorious day and we made it to +19C :)

I really love that my neighbor flies the flag year-round.
The Canadian flag always looks so darn happy!

I love garden centers, this one is within walking distance of my house.
It was so warm and delicious smelling inside.
Very tempting, but I think it's still way too early to chance it - we will have another frost.

My favorite flower :)

Great display

Emma :)


  1. Oh, such pretty flowers at the garden center. And it's within walking distance? I'd be there every day, and end up spending a fortune. Too much temptation!

  2. Yes, it is so easy to end up spending a small fortune each year if you're not careful!

  3. I know - it's so easy to overspend each spring if you're not careful - I have purchased hanging baskets at this one (once they go on sale) but I find them kind of pricey - fun to windowshop though.

  4. Oh, how lovely all the flowers are. Now we are longing to get out and get dirty in our flower and garden patches.

  5. Hi Lorene, I hear you, I just wish I could trust Mother Nature...but not before the first weekend in June! I do have a lot I can do before then though: raking, mulching and some painting...


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