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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jane is very happy :) I finally purchased a bistro set for my front walkway. I've wanted one for a few years and this one is so perfect: wicker, wrought iron, slate - plus my house is white and gray. I see myself actually using this set quite a bit since my home faces east; so for most of the day this area is cool and shaded. It came fully assembled, I simply had to fold down the chairs to transport them home in my vehicle... thank goodness for the 'instruction' sheet provided or I would still be trying to set them up lol!

Also, a few pics of the pots I have out front, all begonias.


  1. Gorgeous! I love bistro sets. May you enjoy it in good health!

    Love the begonias. They're the best flowers, if you ask me; easy to grow and not very fussy.

  2. Thanks Martha :) Now my life is complete haha!

  3. Just don't lose the instructions for unfolding the bistro chairs and you have it made.

  4. Hi Lorene, What a waste of paper! I've saved it though for when I need a laugh.


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