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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let me start off this post by first admitting to having my fair share of frogs and the like peeking out from under the foliage in my yard, and if you live in Edmonton and recognize your home...I apologize in advance, but the other day I realized how amusing it is to consider other people's ideas of lawn decor. These pics were taken on my walks over the last few days and are an approximate ten block radius sampling!

There is a matching bear on the other side :)

Different homes...there is a definite theme happening here... 
I saw a third lighthouse in my travels, but couldn't get close enough to get the shot.

I'm sure this is very cute once her annuals are planted.

I am confused by this implement...
it sits beside a lovely ornate concrete bench.

This goose had a mate for years, but it seems to have flown the coop.

No yard is complete without a gnome... 

or two!

Now here's something I can relate to!

I thought I'd post this rascal and see if anyone recognizes him... Mom?!!

Today was the weird, tomorrow the wonderful!


  1. Interesting pieces of garden decor. Everyone has their own taste. I'm guilty of gnome-decorating. For some reason, I love these dudes. I discovered recently while at a garden center that my husband really likes lighthouses. Who knew? We did see one that was pretty amazing, so it's something to think about - IF the price falls :)

  2. Yes, he's mine. Stills sits outside the side door to inspect all that enter in.

  3. Hi Martha, I was out today purchasing bedding-out plants and hanging baskets before the big rush this weekend and I saw some lighthouses for sale in Walmart - I wonder if they are the new fad this year?

  4. Hi Lorene, haha - I would have liked to have seen the look on your face...!

  5. My home escaped your camera. I knew there was a reason I kept my "decorations" in the backyard.

  6. Hi Tricky Nag,
    I sure would love to have a peak around the backyards of some of these houses!


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