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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The debate continues. If you will recall, a few months ago I posted about the controversy surrounding the Oxford Dictionary's decision to include a number of slang terms in their 2011 online edition (including omg, tmi, wag and my personal favorite muffin top!) Well, yesterday morning CBC Radio One discussed reaction to the newest words accepted into the game of Scrabble. If you've ever played Scrabble with friends or family, no doubt you've had many an argument over whether something really is a word or not... I know I've been frustrated by other people's (who shall remain nameless!) nitpickiness more than a few times myself. Fyi: my spell check doesn't recognize the word nitpickiness, go figure :) 

A couple examples of the latest additions to the Collins Official Scrabble list include:

GRRL: 1. female internet user 2. term connoting strength, self-confidence
THANG: thing
BREDREN: brother
GOBI: cauliflower
INBOX: email folder for incoming mail
INNIT: isn't it
NANG: cool
PUNAANY: female sex organ
QIN: a Chinese zither
TWIGLET: wheat snack
VLOG: video blogging
WAGYU: a breed of cattle


  1. http://ssshotaru.homestead.com/files/aolertranslator.html

    This is for you.. use it wisely! <3 You Caro.

  2. Hi Anonymous, Dude, this is a great site - I can see how much it will assist in keeping this old fogey hip to today's cool new lingo..! Rock on you cool cat :)

  3. Those words kind of bug me, but I will always gladly accept any Q word that doesn't need a U.

  4. Tricky Nag, I agree with you, most of these bug me as well. grrl is just ridiculous. So is thang and nang.


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