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Monday, February 28, 2011

Edmonton Muttart Conservatory

"A light exists in Spring
Not present in the year
at any other period
When March is scarcely here."
-Emily Dickinson

I thought this apt for the last day of February. Certainly more fitting than the strange ditty the Old Farmer's 2011 Almanac has posted for today!

'He who goes to bed hungry,
dreams of pancakes.'

A gray, blustery day here and we currently hover at -24C; so for today at least, we are not experiencing the 'spring light' Emily refers to. Still, we have had some lovely days in the last number of weeks where it did indeed feel like spring is drawing nearer. I plan to venture out tomorrow to poke around the second-hand stores. It's been weeks since my last visit and this weather is getting me down. Strangely enough, pawing through other people's cast-offs is just the kind of pick-me-up I need...to each his own I guess! I had planned to go to the Muttart Conservatory this week with company we were expecting but the visit has been postponed. This is a fantastic place to break up the monotony of the winter months.

The Muttart Conservatory is a botanical garden which consists of four glass pyramid-shaped structures that showcase plants from arid, tropical, and temperate climates, providing a welcome oasis of warmth during winter. The fourth pyramid hosts a theme that changes throughout the year. (Thanks Wikipedia)

But for the rest of today anyways this is what I will be looking at; 
Emma doesn't seem too impressed either!

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