"My mind sees that I am nothing, my heart sees that I am everything, between these two poles my life unfolds."

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Warm Day In Winter

blue skies
we're melting
no breeze to speak of 
the (green!) grass is peaking through
I'm lapping it up 
while it lasts!

A Warm Day In Winter

“Sunshine on de medders,
Greenness on de way;
Dat ’s de blessed reason
I sing all de day.”
Look hyeah! Whut you axin’?
Whut meks me so merry?
‘Spect to see me sighin’
W’en hit’s wa’m in Febawary?
Long de stake an’ rider
‘ Seen a robin set;
W’y hit ‘mence a-thawin’,
Groun’ is monst’ous wet.
Den you stan’ dah wond’rin’,
Lookin’ skeert an’ stary;
I’s a right to caper
W’en hit’s wa’m in Febawary.
Missis gone a-drivin’,
Mastah gone to shoot;
Ev’ry da’ky lazin’
In de sun to boot.
Qua’tah ’s moughty pleasant,
Hangin’ ‘roun’ my Mary;
Cou’tin’ boun’ to prospah
W’en hit’s wa’m in Febawary Cidah look so pu'ty Po'in' f'om de jug- Don' you see it's happy? Hyeah it laffin' - glug? Now's de time fu' people Fu' to try an' bury All day grief an' sorrer, W'en hit's wa'm in Febawary.
-Paul Laurence Dunbar-

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