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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The March of the Mushrooms...

As you can see, I have now officially banished winter from my blog!  Seeing that March is right around the corner, I am taking the opportunity to celebrate all things green as we move into spring. March is also the month for all things faerie. Here are a few time-lapse videos which go along with a spring/rebirth theme. Hope they warm you as they did me.


  1. That video was awesome. Here at our little farm, we have what I thought were all kinds of weird different mushrooms, but I reckon they are fungus like these. I've taken lots of pictures and one day will write a post about them; they're very beautiful. :)

  2. Hi April,
    I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for stopping by. I love time-lapse videos for that reason - everything in nature - even the 'lowly' fungus - is so beautiful when you take the time to really observe it.