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Sunday, October 23, 2011

You Know It's Fall When...

Sunday Greetings!

We had our first real fire of the season last night :) This pic is one I scooped off google images - I forgot to get out my camera and catch Emma who'd cozied up just about as close as this puppy. Our wood stove is in the basement and is very efficient to say this least; it wasn't long before we were too warm, lol! We've actually been using our gas fireplace upstairs in the mornings for the last month or more. A sure indicator of what we already knew; winter's on it's way!

Here's a very yummy tea to drink on colder evenings :) I discovered it when I was in Nelson, BC a few weeks ago and it's my current favorite. It's Delicious, but I freely admit packaging often plays a big part in my enjoyment of a product - I love the tin! Not sure who all carries it, but I bought some more in London Drugs the other day, if interested.

Another sure sign that our weather will be changing soon. This was snapped Friday afternoon, you've got to act fast - they cover a lot of sky in a very short time! We have a pond directly behind our home and the geese make a pit-stop there; I've been seeing (& hearing!) waves and waves of them over the past few days.

This is a smaller pond a few blocks from home. We often remark on this pointless sign as we pass by it on walks. You've been warned lol!

I'm presently getting ready for my mom, who arrives tomorrow evening from southern Ontario for ten days. I'm extremely pleased to say that for the first time ever, I have not taken any extreme measures: no major housecleaning from top to bottom, no marathon cooking sessions (we will be 'winging it') - she'll have to take us as we are: warts and all! Seeing as I've lived away from relatives for over twenty years, I'm not used to the 'drop in'. In most cases I've had many weeks notice that company would be arriving and would start preparing from that point forward - so that everything would be perfect. A whole lot of pressure I put on myself - nothing anyone expected, but age and hopefully maturity have finally caught up with me, I guess!

I was planning on doing a bit of housekeeping outside this afternoon. Our leaves are coming down in droves and I probably should get out there and rake them over towards the flower beds, but I've decided to leave them for today. All in due time. It's like a painting and I really just want to enjoy it for now.

Hoping the rest of your weekend is lovely :)


  1. That sign is pointless to sensible people using their brains, yes, but I don't think that's the target demographic, LOL!

  2. I love watching (and listening to) the geese flying like that - both when they leave in the fall and return in the spring; there's something so comforting about it. It is colder over here, but probably not as cold as there. The autumn season has been rather disappointing so far; too much rain, dampness...yuck. Hope it gets a little better for a few days, so we can enjoy some of the magic that the fall season has to offer before the winter kicks in.

  3. I love that sign!Even on the big lakes, I'm often thinking...ew! Who would go in there? That little pond is so sweet.
    I'm lucky to live near many water holes too.
    great spot for bird watching and relaxing.

  4. When you begin drinking vodka, not beer. (:

  5. Martha, We could use some of that rain here - but I can see your point as well. You've got a few weeks yet, so hopefully it'll perk up a bit.

  6. Debra, Sad but true!

    LaelShine, Yes, WHO indeed! These little oases sure are a fantastic addition to neighborhoods.

    Interwebs Fails, Lol!


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