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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lost and Co(r)nfused

Spooky Greetings!

I know that Halloween is still two weeks away, but seeing as it's my favorite holiday, I plan to celebrate until it arrives :) All coincidences, strange bumps in the night and premonitions will be duly noted and shared! The above display is around the corner from my home. There's a grade school directly across the street - I like that this family goes all out every year (in fact their house is decked from top to bottom) - I'm sure the little goblins love it.

To begin our Halloween theme of the strange, odd and downright weird, I'll share with you the odd effect I appear to have on red lights: I attract them! I've noticed (and if you have ever driven anywhere with me, as either the driver or passenger, you will have also noted) that I seem to end up as the first car at a red light, more often than not. Intersection after intersection; day upon day! I'm not sure how long this has been happening, I only started noticing it a couple of years ago on my way to and from work and then began pointing it out to fellow passengers. Weird or what.

Then there are the moments I have perfect timing. Here is another piece of Frankoma I fortuitously stumbled across. As I had mentioned in this post last week, I seldom to never come across Prairie Green, in fact I rarely see Frankoma pottery of any kind. However, this past Wednesday I was just about to head out empty-handed after scouring Goodwill for close to an hour and a little voice (no, I kid you not) said to me "Don't forget about Frankoma, Jane" - I took two more steps, turned my head to the right and this piece jumped out at me. It was in amongst a jumble of mish-mash; in perfect condition. I literally had chills...

Here's a new field for you: Unicornomics. 
I had good look through this amusing book on Friday; very detailed and totally hilarious! 

And lastly, speaking of corn and fields, did you hear about the family who got so lost inside this 7-acre cornfield maze in Massachusetts that they had to call police to rescue them?  It was getting dark, the mosquitoes were attacking and they had a three-week old baby with them. I wonder if they're blonde?


  1. Love that Halloween display around the corner of your home. Very cool.

    That corn maze in Massachusetts is amazing. I wonder how long it takes to make it. We went to one in August (first time I ever did) and we all enjoyed it. It was a lot more fun than I imagined it would be. We got lost quite a few times; it wasn't as easy to get out as I thought it would be.

    He he he...had a good chuckle over the corn maze for blondes photo :)

  2. What a lovely little Frankoma honey pot! Your story about finding it is spooky -- perfect for this time of year! Happy hunting for your "next" piece!

  3. As a blonde, I am not offended. Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Oh my god. Somebody else has the red light affliction besides myself. My wife gets completely irritated when she rides with me. Like you, I hit every light and I am usually first in line. Too funny.

  5. Martha, I guess it's likely harder to find your way out than it might first appear - I've never been to one myself.

    Debra, It was suggested to me that I refer to Frankoma as Frankenkoma for the rest of the season, hehe!

    WebDebris, My husband gets annoyed too lol!

  6. Mel, I'm a blonde too, but we know it's not true!


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