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Monday, December 20, 2010

Your Monday Mews

No news to report...this was probably the most boring weekend on record!

Our back deck on Sunday afternoon...

It didn't let up all weekend - festive isn't it?! 

We didn't dare venture out - it snowed quite heavily each day (if only I had that one-horse-open-sleigh to dash through the snow with that everyone keeps singing about) - that, and it would be sheer madness to try to go anywhere in the city the last Saturday before Christmas. Experience is a great teacher! One bright spot was that our daughter did some last minute shopping for me while she was out; not much keeps her at home. I wrapped gifts on Sunday afternoon and finalized the Christmas menu. I also got much closer to finishing The Dome.  

I thought this was interesting - "Christmas Unwrapped" from the Canadian perspective.

In Canadian news, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau found himself in the middle of a controversy, (he is the son of former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau - highly regarded, but was certainly no stranger to controversy himself) as a result of the Christmas card he sent out to his Montreal constituents. He and his family are all wearing fur-trimmed clothing in the card. Comments after a number of the articles I read were overwhelmingly in Justin's favor. Not sure what that means - maybe opinions are changing regarding the wearing of fur, or perhaps it's purely a regional reaction as most of those commenting were Canadian. 

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