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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Snowy Saturday Morning

'Ol Man Winter is back!

Actually, this is what February's supposed to look like...!

"Out of the bosom of the Air, 
Out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken, 
Over the woodlands brown and bare, 
Over the harvest-fields forsaken, 
Silent, and soft, and slow 
Descends the snow."
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Snowflakes

Enjoy your weekend, I'm making chili in my crockpot
and plan to catch up on some reading :)


  1. The orange flowers in the snow ... so lovely.

    I don't want to tell you what the weather is doing where I am. Nor how much I wish I was looking out at snow.

  2. How I missed winter this year. Not because I enjoy freezing my buns off, but because I know what I see here is not right. Today i saw a robin. In Feb. So thank you Jane for pictures of what February should be like....

  3. Your snow photos are awesome! We're hibernating this weekend too.

  4. Hi Jane - great pictures - it is Wintry here too, and as it should be - just like you said :-)
    Love Gail

  5. Reading sounds great. Every winter we spread out a puzzle and over a week or two we work on it when it snows. Not this winter we can't seem to get any snow. Maybe next year.
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Snow good!

    Don't you love playing with words? :-)

  7. These are really nice photos. Winter produces some beautiful images...but I still want it to go away! We got a good load of snow yesterday, too. I'm not complaining because we've hardly had any snow this winter. It got to the point where some of my bulbs starting growing. Then the snow came! I bet they regret poking their little heads out.

  8. Oldman winter visit us evey year around November. He's an uninvited guest and alway over stays his welcome. He's been known to throw tantrums and I usually find evidence of his rants around the farm after hes gone. I glad he found somewhere else to go this year. Thanks for letting him stay at your place this year.

  9. I love the photos!!!

    Everything looks the way it should look in winter!!!

  10. Imagens lindas, lindas.
    Um belíssimo domingo!
    Boa semana!


  11. Jane ! We had chili on Friday night and it was perfect for SNOW day .. yes you are right , this is what February is supposed to look like after such a weird winter .. love the snowy shadows girl !
    PS .. what is a Morkie ? (dog combo of some kind involving a Yorkie but the m part has me puzzled

  12. I'm afraid I don't share the wistful longings for snowy winters. I've seen far too many!! I was absolutely loving this winter--until yesterday!!Too much snow at one time and something popped in my back yesterday while I shovelled and I am in quite a lot of pain. Same thing happened last year. I got one of those Back to Life machines last year, and it did put things to rights--hopefully it will do the same again! And I have to go and shovel again this morning!

  13. So that's what we missed here in Atlantic Canada! The photos are beautiful Jane.

  14. Thanks for your comments everyone! We've had such a mild winter - and hardly any snow - that yesterday's dump was quite a shock. It's winter again, lol! Taking pictures is my way of making lemonade (ie: when life gives you lemons...)

    Dianne, I'm sorry to hear about your back, I hope it soon gets set right .

    CanadianGardenJoy, A Morkie is part Maltese and Yorkie - in our Emma's case, she's half and half.

  15. Hi Jane,
    I visit you this day, and see fantastic pictures that you always take.
    I just love to look at your wonderful blog which gives me peace.
    Good photography, I highly appreciate, just as much as I truly
    appreciate art in all forms, music, poetry, literature, paintings,
    singing, arts & crafts, and so on.
    It's so good to see you visiting and posting comments in my blogs.
    Welcome Aboard at anytime, Jane!!
    God bless you, and those you love, sweet Jane!!
    Have a great Sunday!!
    All the best,
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  16. I'm happy that this mess came at the end of Feb rather than the start!
    It sure does look pretty out there:) I might go take a walk later on.
    Enjoy your lovely day!

  17. My favorite is the second from the bottom...but, they're all very cool! I got a new camera, but am unable to move the pics to my blog (too big). I'm taking classes, but that information won't be available till the last class...Two Long Weeks from now. Ooh I guess I missed Emma's blog. I must go check it out...

  18. oh my..what a beautiful post...these dazzling snowy visuals are stunning...Love them all..they brought a smile to my heart..just gorgeous!! Thankyou for this magic!!