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Friday, February 17, 2012

Calories Be Flummoxed!

I'm in hog-heaven folks!

A few weeks ago Francie from A North End Journal,
held the 2nd Annual Magic Pig Wand Contest, which I luckily won :)

Well, I received my prize in the mail yesterday and I have to tell you all that Miss Eulalie is absolutely Gorgeous! 
It's quite obvious a lot of work went into her creation; 
feathers, rhinestones, beads, stars, hearts, ribbon, tinsel - she has it all! 

Francie also sent along some very yummy-looking chocolate, which I will happily put to good 
use when trying out the Magic Spell below. Check out Miss Eulalie's necklace!

I suspect I may go hog-wild pigging out on chocolate now that it's calorie-free!
Thanks again Francie :) What a fantastic prize!


  1. Napracowałaś się, ale efekt świetny i gratuluję wygranej. Pozdrawiam. *** You put a lot of work, but the effect is great and congratulations to the win. Yours.

  2. What a stunning creation - congratulations! And calorie-free chocolate as well! We all need one of those masks.

  3. That is a really cool creation. Francie is quite the talented lady. Calorie-free, you say? Oh my...

  4. This is amazing, such detail. Francie is extremely talented. And calorie-free chocolate, what more could you want.

  5. Yay..how magical..enjoy your treasures and yummy chocolate! Such fun and spirit!Congrats on winning..

  6. Miss Eulalie is MAGNIFICENT! She'll come in really handy next Tuesday on Mardi Gras. What a (you should pardon the expression) PIG OUT you'll be able to have!

  7. Flummoxed! I looked up the word, it is a real word for sure.

    Such a fashion statement Miss Eulalie really is, beautiful and functional too, to chase away all those nasty calories.


  8. Jane how perfect can it get ! .. I wish I had known about the contest or give-away .. I love the spell, maybe it might work a little bit even without the mask ? LOL
    I also really think your header picture is stunning .. it must be a magical place to take a walk.
    Great post I won't soon forget ! LOL

  9. Passei para uma visitinha.
    Bom fim de semana!

    (⁀‵⁀,) ✿

  10. Well Miss Eulalie obviously went to the right home. Truly appreciated - as she should be. Have lots of choclatey fun!

  11. Thanks for your comments everyone :) Francie, Miss Eulalie is divine and I'm honoured to have her grace my home!

  12. Congratulations.
    I am not familiar with the pig face, but it does look delightful.

  13. Congratulations, Jane! I with "whiteangel"...I'm not familiar with the piggyface either, is it for Marti Gras?...What a fabulous creation, and chocolate always comes in handy too:DDD

  14. I don't believe Miss Eulalie has any connection to Mardi Gras, she was the prize for a Valentine's Day contest where the objective was to name two famous lovers with a Canadian/American connection. This is to commemorate this year's 200th anniversary of peace between our two countries.