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Friday, January 20, 2012


As promised, here are the pics of Peter Pan!
I have to say I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out.
Next week, I'm starting TinkerBell for my niece's birthday in April.

And a few from when he was still under construction:

I also thought I'd share a pic of the hilarious cupcakes my sister made 
for my nephew's birthday party!

I sure hope the party-goers remember... Never Smile at a Crocodile...

Have a great weekend everyone :)

When you have a moment, check out Emma's page.
She had her first furry-friend play-date this past weekend.


  1. You are so clever! What a sweet little face you have given him. This video clip used to be a firm favourite of my friend's daughter (now 21) we used to have to watch it repeatedly, so I can sing along quite happily! I love the cakes, you obviously come from a very creative family.

  2. He is so cute! I could never attempt this kind of thing. Love those cakes! I've checked out Emma's new photos - I also have a Morkie!! A potential boyfriend for Emma??

  3. So cute! I love him. Love the cupcakes, too.

  4. He is so FRIGGIN' cute! Love his ears especially, LOL! And I want a croc cupcake, please.

  5. Hey, I think I dated him in high school! Those pecs, the lady killer smile - who could forget? He's still absolutely gorgeous, Jane and I LOVED the cupcakes! (And video)

  6. oh my goodness Jane that's so cute! And very nicely done - you should be very pleased with yourself! Can't wait to see the next one :P


  7. Sooooo adorable! My kids would love the Peter Pan and the cupcakes!!

  8. Oh Jane, he turned out so well! What a cute (and slightly mischieveous) face you created! You did such a great job. It makes me want to get out my sewing machine - but where would I put it? I guess I'll have to stick to crochet for the time being; it's "smaller". :)

  9. Oh Jane your Peter Pan is just gorgeous! I loved the video...I still have the Jungle Book record from when I was a kid :) Oh and pass the cupcakes please!

  10. Thanks so much for all your kind words everyone :) I really enjoyed making him, have already made another project and have a few others planned! Getting my Christmas presents for all the kiddies done early this year I hope. I love that a number of you mentioned how well his face turned out - that was the thing that had me worried - I think he ended up with a cute, slightly mischievious look to him!

    Sulky kitten, You're one of the few Morkie owners I 'know' - lots of Yorkies, but rarely a Morkie - and they're so adorable :)

  11. What a cutie. I'm sure he'll be cherished! And those cupcakes, wow, super cool!

  12. One interesting note that I think Jane did'nt mention was Mr. Pans size. I witnessed his creation from bolt to boots and he is about 18" tall!

    JJ Hubby ;-)


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