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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bark Weaving

"Approaching a tree we approach a sacred being who can teach us about love and about endless giving. She is one of millions of beings who provide our air, our homes, our fuel, our books. Working with the spirit of the tree can bring us renewed energy, powerful inspiration, deep communion."

The weaving of bark produces beautiful and useful items.

Banana bark weaving in Rwanda

Botswana weaver, Mosadiwatshipi Modimbura
Roots, reeds and tree bark all combine into a piece 
which can take upwards to one year to complete.

 A combination of cedar and cherry barks.

Cedar weaving in coastal British Columbia

Skip ahead to 1:18 to see an incredible cedar bark cape, bustier and hat
modelled by weaver Victoria Moody! 

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  1. Once again, Jane - fascinating. Victoria Moody's work is amazing!

  2. How beautiful! I love that cape. I imagine it takes a lot of time and patience to produce these gorgeous results. (As you can see, I still can't get my blogging profile loaded on the comments, but at least I'm able to comment. This will do for now.)

  3. Gorgeous and beautiful post! Nature is so sacred..Trees are magical! And wonderful work ...lovely vids!

  4. There is nothing more beautiful than African baskets.

  5. Thanks jane, I'm going to check out the www.sasquatchcrossing.ca wwebsite - just in case I ever get back to the west coast. Loved seeing the work these womwn do.

  6. This is really, really interesting. I have looked at each clip, its fascinating to hear about these ancient crafts and that they are being brought forward and people are doing them now days.

    Shawn Atleo was wearing a bark robe and hat at the First Nations meetings with Stephen Harper in Ottawa just this week. I saw it on a news clip last evening.

    Keep posting these clips, they are fun and educational.

  7. I love that chair!! Beautiful work, from all cultures.

  8. So beautiful...really truly...

  9. Wow. One year to complete. That would take some serious dedication.

  10. Unbelievable. So much beauty in all of it! The chair is especially nice.


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