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Sunday, January 1, 2012

And The Winner Is...

The following submissions were received:

Dusty the snowman was a happy, jolly soul. ~ Anonymous

I can't wait to start rolling around. ~ Lorene

Ringo was still upset with Paramount for turning him down as 
the lead role for "Frosty's New Adventures." ~WebDebris

Don't light that match! ~ Plowing Through Life

Where snowman has gone before. ~ JJ Hubby

And the winner is...
"Where snowman has gone before."

Thanks to everyone for your great submissions and your participation, but as we all know, 
there can be only one winner and JJ Hubby's submission stands out as the wittiest!
 As you may well have guessed, JJ Hubby is my husband, I'd hate to be accused of nepotism, 
but I still have to come clean with this info... hey, sometimes even husbands are funny, lol!!

Check out the Caption Contest page above for January's quip-provoking pic!


  1. Dianne Stretch-StrangJanuary 1, 2012 at 5:46 PM

    JJ Hubby! LOL!!

  2. JJ's Hubby did have the best caption! Congratulations to "The Hubby".....lol

  3. "I'd like to thank all that made this moment and dream possible (Academy, writers, director, producer and manager) but there's just too many to mention for the time allotted..."

  4. Hmmm, Nelson should have seen this one... Witty hubby you got there. must be a winner:)

  5. Thanks everyone :)

    JJ Hubby's pretty stoked that he won, lol!!


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