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Monday, January 16, 2012

At Home in the Forest

My obsession fondness for all things Hobbit knows no bounds!
This adorable home in Wales fits in quite nicely with January's tree art/appreciation theme.
You can follow the above link for the history/philosophy behind it's design.

'Precious' is the word which springs to mind... hehe!

And now a pleasant meander through the woods... 

(You may or may not have noticed that Mondays With Mireille and The Arts of Beauty are 
sadly no more... I don't blog well on a 'schedule' and while I appreciate those bloggers who 
can keep to a regular feature, I've found out it's simply not for me. If interested, all previous 
instalments of these can be found under Links at the bottom of the main page.)

These wooden toadstools are amazing!


  1. Well what an enchanting wee house in the woods! I also really enjoyed the nature walk video. Since i moved to the city I really miss my long walks in the Provincial Park near where I used to live. (I know what you mean about keeping to a schedule. I try but am not always sucessful.)

  2. I need that house! It's darling.
    Wehn we were in Tofino we stayed in a round-ish cabin, it was an interesting way to live

  3. that house is too cute for words!

  4. I love it...I want to curl up with a good Kindle there...

  5. I love the house! (He says anyone could build one, but I don't rate my chances!) I haven't really found a schedule yet, it would start to feel like a chore and I would have a breakdown under the pressure! Love your blog-always great, interesting and beautiful things.

  6. Its just in our human nature to enjoy being in a forest, walking and experiencing all the sounds and smells.

    Cutest little house in Wales! Just fit for a Hobbit.

    I wouldn't be eating any of those toadstools, they do look a bit sinister for my liking.

  7. I can't keep a schedule either...love the gorgeous little huse, reminds me of reading Enid Blyton's books as a kid :)

  8. My human mom adored the Hobbit series as a child....and she visited Wales a very long time ago...I think you made her want to build a new home with this beautiful post!

  9. What a whimsical hobbit house! But where's its round door?

  10. Lovely, looks so cute and inviting.
    Snow photos are lovely.

  11. What an adorable house! And I really enjoyed the stroll. Blogging on a schedule can seem like a chore, so I decided to just pre-schedule a whole bunch of posts in advance. Then I can just go off and do other things. I have so many posts pre-scheduled that if I dropped dead right now, you guys would still have things to read on my blog for months on end!

  12. Now this is way cool. I agree completely about a schedule. I would love the discipline to have a blog ready to go every morning at 5am. But it ain't gonna happen. Might see it at 5 am, might be noon, might after lunch. :)

  13. Francie, I hear you, I used to live on an acreage in Peace River and really miss walking in the woods. I feel freer now that I don't have a Mon or Fri 'feature' hanging over my head!

    Lael, I'll bet a round cabin would be very cozy :)

    Tracy, I agree, I want it!!

    Patty, Lol, me too - or even an old fashioned 'book in a pinch :)

    Sulky kitten, Thank you. I agree, it's like those home improvement shows that always make it look easy - until you try it yourself: there's always a snag!

    Lorene, Haha, they do look rather sinister now that you mention it!

  14. Annie, I know what you mean, I try to shoot for Mon, Wed, Fri and the occasional one over the weekend if something strikes my fancy. I will have to look up Enid Blyton.

    Scrappy, I would love to get to Wales... hopefully eventually! Since it's 2012 & the world's supposed to end Dec 21st, I think we should just travel all year and charge it, lol!!

    Debra, I know, a round door would be the cherry on top.

    whiteangel, Thank you, I was excited about the snow until the temperature dropped... it's -27C right now!!

    Martha, Glad you enjoyed the stroll - I have re-watched it a number of times now and find it so soothing. I've tried pre-scheduling like you (I think you have a great system that obviously works for you), but then something else catches my eye and I want to pop it up right away and then I have to reschedule my previously pre-scheduled post...lol!!

    WebDebris, I think we need to remember that we are doing this for the sheer pleasure of it... it's not a job! Something I have to remind myself of all the time.

  15. I could totally live in that little house. Although I'd also like to live in Rivendell, the elf city, or in the Woodland Realm in those incredible tree houses. Or how about on Pandora, yeah. I'm not into fantasy, though. (lol, just kidding)

  16. Magical..enchanting and my heart is captivated with all this beauty! I loved the forest video..the trees speak to my soul always!
    Thanks for this wonderful post..

  17. That's me, the old woman who lived under a hill!

  18. Hi Laure, I'd also love any of the places you mentioned, especially Rivendell.

    Victoria, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it - I feel connected to trees as well.

    Dorothy, Lol!!


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