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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of Cats and Cold

Frosty Greetings!

It's a balmy -28C here. Sounds frightfully cold (& it is) but if you're dressed for it and the sun is shining (& it is :) it's really not that bad! I was thinking that this morning as I ran errands, and I'm loving our snow-packed roads as opposed to the treacherous ice we've been tippy-toeing across the past few weeks.

Above is my first give-away(s). I've been keeping my eye open for something for quite some time now and this cute little book jumped out at me this morning, the price was right and I bought two. Twice as nice. They fit in with the whole New-Year's-resolution-losing-weight theme that I'm seeing on so many blogs. Even if you don't have any extra-weight you're trying to lose, it's an adorable read. Cats are infinitely amusing. My only stipulation for this draw is that you are a follower of mine - so if you've been hesitating.... now's your opportunity. I'll announce the winners next Friday. I appreciate people wanting to protect their privacy on the internet, I myself have used a box number when giving out an address for a giveaway - you could also send it to a friends place of work (in another city) - whatever works for you - ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies! So leave me a comment and good luck to everyone!

A few pics I just snapped :)

We're not quite up to our necks yet...!

 * Also, if all goes as planned, I will be sharing pics of Peter Pan on Friday's post... stay tuned... 


  1. I'll throw my hat in the ring! Yes, I'm a follower too.

  2. Love those winter photos, especially of your sweet pup. It's not as cold over here, but cold enough to feel like winter. Our weather warmed up for awhile and a lot of our snow melted. We're having a very weird winter this year. No matter; spring is on its way. As for being a follower, well, you know me...always hanging around here...LOL...

  3. i just love looking at your pictures, Jane, I'm so jealous of where you live! Can't wait to see Peter Pan x

  4. I am just loving this cold weather - NOT!! Love the pics.

  5. Put me in line for a give-away, I'm always game for something that's free.
    Emma looks intrigued by the snow that came in on your boots.
    I liked the picture of the cherubs peeking out of the snow.....very cute

  6. Another friend was telling me it was -30 degrees a couple of days back, and I just can't begin to imagine that cold! We get flustered when the thermometer reaches zero.
    The book seems appropriate when I am on Day 4 of my diet!

  7. Count me in. Your little dog is a cutie!

  8. Oh Jane,
    That temperature seems so cold, especially as I am sitting this evening in the humidity and heat on the other side of the world. I can't imagine what it would be like-so cold, but like anything we get used to it.
    Your photo are lovely..

  9. I'm in! I'm in! We aren't having winter this year here in Niagara. Or it's being held captive elsewhere because we had a 1 day storm that disppeared overnight but I appreciate your lovely photos! And sympathize. (heh heh.)

  10. I have had to wear a sweatshirt twice this week if that counts! All kidding aside, I would give up this Florida weather in a heartbeat to be able to move back up north.

    On a side note: Just finished Season 1 of Big Bang Theory and it has been a long time since I laughed that hard. How is the Shard trilogy going?

  11. Love your gorgeous winter photos,especially the one with the pup!

    I'll swap with you with some of my South Florida sunny photos!
    Yes, I'm a follower...cute giveaway, and I'm not going out of my way to get a p.o. box just for a giveaway, or any secret items...lol
    Not worried or too concerned to give address out to a nice friend, like yourself!

  12. That book looks adorable!
    I'll put my name in the hat please and thank you.

  13. Debra, I thought I'd seen you around here before ;)

    Martha, It's been an odd year for sure. Yes, at least we have spring to look forward to. I was thinking today that no wonder we in the northern hemisphere get slightly (lol!) over-jubilant when winter's over.

    sarah, Thank you, I'm jealous of where you live - so we're even!

    Mel, I'd rather it be cold in January - it was getting weird.

    Lorene, If you recall, that was my bird bath that had been languishing in my garden shed for the past number of years, that I turned into a planter last summer.

    Tracey, You get used to it; it's all we know. Our summers are gorgeous, thankfully. Good luck with your diet :)

    Sulky kitten, Thanks :) She is very cat-like and has to investigate everything!

    whiteangel, You're quite right - we can get used to just about anything. I envy you though :)

    Francie, You're in and lol, sure you do!

    WebDebris, That's funny, I also had to wear a sweatshirt twice this week... under my down-filled parka!!
    I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Big Bang Theory, like yourself I laugh continuously throughout. I think it's one of the best sit-coms ever made. So far I'm really enjoying the Crystal Shard - looking forward to the next two in the series.

    Thanks Elisabeth, When life gives you lemons, you might as well make lemonade! As I was telling Tracey, it's all we know and if you're dressed right, you can go about your days quite comfortably. I promise not to hunt you down, if I was down your way, you can bet I'd be too busy sight-seeing anyways!!

    Lael, It's hilarious - good luck :)

  14. I was having trouble again seeing your blog--it would freeze up and I couldn't scroll and I couldn't comment!! And this was before the cold weather!! LOL! I have actually been enjoying this week--more or less! It's been great to able to walk Duffy without detouring everywhere to avoid ice. And as you said, if one is dressed right, you don't even feel the cold--as long as you keep moving! I get a lot colder in the house, because I'm not moving around very much. The Catkins Diet book looks very cute--as does your pup!!

  15. Hi Dianne, I'm glad you finally made it through! Last week it was the comments section everyone was having problems with... including myself.

    Like you, I also need to keep moving. If I do I'm fine - if I've been sitting, (I've been sewing a lot the past few days) I need a hot bath to warm me up.

    You are definitely in for the draw - good luck :)


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