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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let the Festivities Begin!

Seasons Greetings everyone! How are your Christmas preparations coming along? Things are looking up here - yesterday I mailed out cards and it's not even December 15th yet! (that's usually when I really get moving, lol) Above is my Christmas card for this year - a cosy image that looks like a scene straight out of most of our childhoods. Is your tree up? I managed to get mine decorated over the weekend and it's definitely helped me feel a bit more festive

You may have noticed I recently cleaned up my side-bar and added horizontal links to pages under my header pic. One links to a new monthly caption contest. Take a peek and get those 'ol creative juices flowing - submissions will be accepted until the end of the month, at which time I'll post the winning caption and a new pic for the following month. I hope everyone participates - surprise me with your warped humor! I've already received one great submission.

I'm planning a giveaway at some point over the Christmas season... still deciding what the lucky winner will be receiving. Stay tuned :)

Lastly, I hope you enjoy this hilarious clip (this episode re-aired last night in fact) 
from one of my favourite shows, The Big Bang Theory
For those who are not familiar with Sheldon,
he is a geeky, socially inept theoretical physicist.

Have a great day!


  1. I LOVE the Big Bang Theory and this clip is one of my faves too!

  2. Debra, It's my new Seinfeld :)

    I have a question! Please email me (my address is in About Me)

  3. I don't watch the Big Bang Theory, but I do know of it; most of the teens I know, including my own kids, watch it regularly.

    I have a box of Christmas cards sitting on my computer desk, and a list of addresses next to it...but I haven't started writing out the Christmas cards. Maybe tomorrow... And although I've added some decorations around the house, and our outdoor lights are done, we've yet to put up our Christmas tree. Not sure what we're waiting for, but this weekend we will definitely get to it!

    How sweet that Emma has her own page.

  4. Since I've been spending so much time at home, my tree has been up for a few weeks now - I love it's gentle lights keeping me company while I study. :) My Xmas cards this year are a regal and serene outdoor park scene, quite nice. Love the clip (and the updated layout).

  5. Lol, I have never seen that show but I am going to watch it. Looks right up my alley.

  6. Martha, I'm more with-it this year for some reason. If I could only motivate myself, I'd have everything bought and wrapped by August, like some people I've worked with. As for Emma... she insisted, lol!

    Tatiana, Great to have you stop by - I know how busy you are. I hope your studies are going well :) It's a lot of work putting it up (worst is taking it down!) but having said that, Like you, I love the ambience it creates.

    WebDebris, I am shocked that you aren't a devotee of this show - I suspect you would love it!

  7. We love The Big Bang Theory. Your Christmas card is beautiful.


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