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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Arts of Beauty & Hints to Gentlemen

'Artificial Means'

"The following wash is a great favorite with the ladies on the continent of Europe, 
and cannot be used without the happiest effects, while it is a delightful and refreshing perfume:

Distill two handfuls of jessamine flowers in a quart of rose-water and a quart of orange-water. 
Strain through porous paper, and add a scruple of musk and a scruple of ambergris.

There cannot be a more agreeable wash for the skin."

Hints to Gentlemen on the Art of Fascinating

"By all means wear jewelry; if you have it not of your own, borrow it,
or get it some other way, for you must be sure that you go not into the presence
of any woman, whose opinion is worth having, without being loaded with jewelry.
An immense breast-pin, either of diamonds or paste, with two rings on each hand
and a heavy fob chain, twelve inches long, will be sufficient to prove that you are
a man of substantial good sense..."

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  1. "A scruple"? First time I ever heard of that measurement!

  2. I am off to the store to get some bling bling.

  3. Ha ha...too funny WebDebris!

    Love that photo of Steven Tyler. What a character.

  4. Thanks everyone, I hope you will all enjoy this new feature.

    Debra, The prose is so endearing.

    Toyin O, Thanks for stopping by :)

    WebDebris, Hahaha - pics please!!

    Martha, I thought Steven Tyler was the perfect 'spokesman'!


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