"My mind sees that I am nothing, my heart sees that I am everything, between these two poles my life unfolds."

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Arts of Beauty & Hints to Gentlemen

How to Acquire a Bright and Smooth Skin

"I have to tell you, ladies -- and the same must be said to the gentlemen, too --
that the great secret of acquiring a bright and beautiful skin lies in three simple things,
as I have said in my lecture on Beautiful Women -- temperance, exercise and cleanliness.

"No; if dssipation, late hours, and immoderation have once wrecked
the fair vessel of female charms, it is not in the power of
Esculapius himself to right the shattered bark, 
and make it ride the sea in gallant trim again."

Hints to Gentlemen on the Art of Fascinating

"You cannot be too attentive to your dress. You should never approach a lady except 
when dressed so as to look precisely as though a tailor had made you not more than
fifteen minutes ago. 

If you are wise, you will not fail to impress upon a lady's mind the idea that you are a 
great deal more particular about your clothes than your mind, for your mind
being always out of sight, can never offend her taste, whereas your clothes are
constantly before her eyes."


  1. I sort of think most alchohol can dull pain. Some quicker than others! Sadly as for my dress... if I had to impress I would have been single for a long time. :(

  2. Well, I guess this advice would fail with me. I prefer a strong mind to a sharp dresser. I don't really pay attention to how someone dresses.

    Love that you ended the post with a picture of George. He's one of my favourite characters on Seinfeld.

  3. WebDebris, I think the womanly ailments that alcohol was supposed to help are pretty laughable - though I agree it does dull the pain - that combined with clamping down hard on your knife between your teeth like in the movies! I am so thankful I was born into the 21st century.

    Martha, I believe all the advice she gives to the women is sincere, but I suspect her advice to men is supposed to be mocking and tongue-in-cheek - at least I sure hope she isn't being serious... I'm with you though, clothes do not make the man.
    Poor George, the man I love to hate, lol. He was a great character.


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