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Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Canada, Eh!

An extra this week in honor of the day :)
Thought I'd post some random iconic Canadian stuff for your amusement.

The 'Loonie' Echo Bay, Ontario
The 'Toonie' Campbellford, Ontario
Can't imagine life without it!
This is apparently a road-sign somewhere in Canada
Shame on you Saskatoon lol!
Remember "It starts here"?
Poutine :) Goes great with a beer!
What says Canada more than Pamela Anderson and an RCMP escort!
And who could forget Rene Simard?
Not sure why Bob and Doug are not yet gracing our funny money!
Very lame, but oh so Canadian...

Have a good one everyone :)


  1. Happy Canada Day! I confess that the Saskatoon sign really made me laugh:):)

  2. Love Doug and Bob Mckenzie! (I used to crank up the Great White North song whenever it played on the radio.) SCTV was the greatest and I watched it every week. John Candy's "Doctor Tongue 3-D House", Joe Flaherty's "Count Floyd's Monster Chiller Horror Theater" and the character by Martin Short that had the cow lick hair (Ned?). Most of my favorite comedians and comedy shows come from Canada, the latest being The Red Green show.

    I know I am easily amused :P

  3. Ha ha...love the pics! Who could forget Bob and Doug? We loved them, no matter how lame the show was. And Canadian Tire? What would this country be without it? I've shopped most of my garden plants from there!

    Happy Canada Day, Jane! Enjoy the day, and long weekend. Hope it's a good one for you. Eh?

  4. And a Happy Canada Day to you also.

    I could use a plate of Poutine right now.

    Ah, the Red Green Show, was a favourite and still is.

    Yes Canadian Tire, what a Canadian icon it has become. The modern way to get your Canadian Tire money is the virtual way.

    So have a good one, eh?

  5. Well, we've had a beautiful Canada Day - and it even looks like our rain has moved on for a couple of days :)

    Rowan, I always love a little black humor thrown in :)

    WebDebris, Lol, I am very impressed that you are such a connoisseur of Canadian humor :)

    Martha, Yes it was pretty dumb, especially when you watch it now, but you're right - we all loved it anyways! Have a great weekend.

    Lorene, I still remember mu first plate of poutine at Kettles Lakes with Selena! I will have to look into the virtual CT money, I guess they announced back in Feb that they may be discontinuing the bills - kind of sad really.

  6. Coo roo coo coo coo coo coo cooooo (or something like that), and certainly not nearly as musical as Rene Simard. I haven't thought about him or his jumpsuits in years!!

    Hope you enjoyed today!

  7. Tricky Nag, Hahaha, yes I believe that's it! I watched a YouTube video of Rene now - he turned out real fine I must say :)

  8. Nice collection of Canadiana!! Did you notice that one of the Mounties was looking at Pamela's, umm, assets? LOL! We spent Canada Day traveling home from BC--so a belated Happy Canada Day to you!

  9. Hi Dianne, Thanks, I was thinking today that I wish I had included Gordon Lightfoot and Terry Fox.

    As for Pammy, perhaps he's checking for concealed weapons Lol!

  10. hahahh LOVE your Canada Day stuff! makes me proud to be a Canadian! ;)

  11. Hi just sayin', Thanks - we live in an awesome country and I like that we can laugh at ourselves :)


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