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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"People take pictures of the summer, 
just in case someone thought they had missed it, 
and to prove that it really existed." 
My first peony bloomed on Saturday :)

Tuesday Greetings! Can you believe it's July already? 

I turned the page on my Inuit art calendar :)
This lithograph and stencil is entitled Blue Bird by Kavavaow Mannomee

It seems like forever since I last posted; except for Thursday's little extra which doesn't really count.  I've been busy mentally filing away jewels throughout the week to share with you; hopefully you will feel it was worth the wait :) While I still stand by my decision to post only once a week throughout the summer, I'll let you in on a secret: I really had to force myself not to sign in everyday and pop up something... anything!

This weekend we kept entertained (!) by cleaning out our garden shed and garage - not sure how it happens, but every year we accumulate so much stuff - mostly junk we should have dealt with at the time, but instead chose to either throw it in the garage (our catch-all all winter) or move it from the garage (before the snow flies) to the garden shed and then back to the garage in the spring! Sheer laziness which we always pay for later. At least we had gorgeous weather to work in and the occasional beer to help break up the monotony, lol.

In gardening news, my Ninebark is positively laden with lovely blooms.
This is it's 7th season and it stands just over 5 feet tall. 
Strangely enough, I don't recall it ever flowering before...
It was kind of sickly looking the first 4 years,
and it's really only begun to flourish these last 3 seasons.

A faithful reader sent along this pic to me - it's a great shot if you enlarge it.
This little guy was spotted in Huntsville Ontario.
He was kindly assisted across the road to safety -
and then proceeded to reward his rescuer by snapping at him!
I had no idea that turtles this big even lived so far north...

Here is a little friend I made at the Winnipeg Zoo when I was there last week :)
There are so many of these cuties all over the grounds,
they're practically tame and come right up to you looking for handouts.
Just look at those nails!

 My favorite exhibit was the butterfly house.

The zoo is undergoing a complete transformation, 
(something we found out only after paying our entry fee)
and a lot of the exhibits were closed as a result.
Nonetheless, we still had a great time.

Enquiring minds want to know lol!

I think it's safe to say that pretty much all of us consider ourselves to be animal lovers. Now that it's summer a lot more people will be bringing their pets along with them as they run errands or on vacation. This past week I read a very informative article which outlined the safest way to transport our furry friends. 

Just as we buckle in our babies and children, we should also be securing our pets in a harness, pet-carrier or behind a cargo screen in a SUV or minivan. An unrestrained animal can be severely hurt and in turn become a projectile injuring other occupants in the event of a quick stop or accident. Seeing dogs (& the occasional cat) traveling loose in a car has been a pet-peeve of mine for years. Personally, we always buckle our puppy Emma in the center back seat in her carrier (which I found out is the optimum spot). I'm also considering a pet seat which you buckle in and then in turn buckle her harness into - that way she can look around a bit too! 

The most important thing I learned from the article was that any animal in a seat facing an airbag (& this includes side airbags) can be severely injured or killed should the airbag deploy - scary! - that's why the center back seat is more often the safest location or, if you want your pet in the front passenger seat, disable the airbag if you have that feature. Here's a link to the article.

That's all for now,
I leave you with a few pics of my Bellflowers,
(another look at my Ninebark behind)
I have loads of these and love them.

These pics do not begin to capture their delicate beauty.
They literally require no care whatsoever,
and will flower non-stop until fall :)

Hoping you have a great day!


  1. A beautiful array of photos that put a smile on my face as I strolled down your post. Your ninebark is lovely. Maybe it takes awhile for these plants to mature and bloom? I've never grown one, so I'm just adding my two cents worth.

    I love that the turle was helped across the road. That's definitely what I would do. "OHMYGOD! STOP THE CAR! STOP. THE. CAR." Screeeeeech... "OHMYGOD, poor thing...someone might run over it...let's help it across the road!" :) I'm a sucker for these little animals.

    Have a great day, Jane. Thanks for all the eye candy. The bellflowers are just lovely.

  2. The prairie dogs at the Winnipeg Zoo were always my faves when I lived in the Peg. Love your sidebar photos of things between Edmonton and Winnipeg!

  3. Okay the monkey information was TMI. (lol) And I am starting to wonder about the guy who thought "I wonder if monkey poo smells like bananas... let's find out."

    On a side note: Have you watched "Falling Skies" yet? I have watched all three episodes so far and it hasn't grasped my attention yet. It seems to be really dry.

  4. I've been thinking about my poor little dog in an accident, thanks for the kick in the butt! I'm gonna look into getting her something to keep her locked down.
    I never wanted to know THAT about monkeys but now..I kinda do,lol I might even smell their..you know..just to see. Damn you curiosity!

  5. Martha, Awww, Thanks :) I found it a challenge to condense my week into one post - it was much bigger at one point and I had to cut it down. Haha, I have a mental picture of you skidding to a screeching stop mere inches from disaster!

    Debra, I loved those little critters so much I would have tucked one in my coat if I could have lol!

    WebDebris, Yes, you have to wonder about the eureka moment that inspired that poster lol! As for Falling Skies It turns out I can't get it here afterall. It's on TBS according to the net, but it's TCM (a different Turner Broadcasting channel) not TBS that we get here. I also read that we should be able to get it on SuperChannel, but when I search Shaw Cable (my current provider) it's not to be found... I'm sure I will eventually get to see it, sorry to hear that it's been a bit of a disappointment for you so far. It sure sounds like a great premise.

    LaelShine, I thought it was worth sharing... As for the monkey poo - you're hilarious! Yes, please do and then let us all know what you conclude - we are holding our collective breath - literally - lol!

  6. Great photos. My summer pet peeve is watching those idiots with dogs in the back of their truck. And every year some get killed by flying out of the car when the driver has to hit the brakes. I'm very libertarian, but that's one crime I'm happy to report. And I'm sure monkey poop smells like poop...

  7. Not sure if they are blocked in Canada, but TNT's website has the "Falling Skies" episodes online.

  8. Beautiful pictures. One of my peony plants is about to bloom - it is going to be pink - I can't wait.

  9. Tatiana, Thanks, I'm happy to hear that I'm not alone in my observations - I was glad to happen across this article. As for monkey poop, I sure hope LaelShine gets back to us on that... haha

    WebDebris, Grrrr, I have fought with this stupid website off and on all morning. First off I created a profile. I have a Mac and followed the link provided on the website to load FlashPlayer, I definitely now have it on the system, but only the 15 second commercial ahead of each episode will play and after that black screen (insert 'scream' if you like haha) - maybe we simply cannot get access this website in Canada. Thanks anyways btw and if you have any other leads, please let me know.

    Hi Mel, Thanks, I love peonies :) Enjoy yours and post a pic when it does!

  10. I love your Bellflowers and I like the Ninebark. Do the Bellflowers have any odour to them?
    You have such an interesting and varied posting that I hardly know where to begin, but the little Prairie Dog is the sweetest. Are they as tame as chipmunks get?
    And I think I will let you do the test on the monkey poop and report your findings back to us all here....lol

  11. Hi Jane! I love the ninebark, have never seen any before. My dog, Tootie, is a Yorkie. I cut her hair short in the summertime because Oklahoma get so hot. Even though she stays inside where it's cool most of the time, just going our for potty breaks or walks in the evening can be pretty hot with a fur coat on!

  12. Hi Lorene, No they don't - they're just lovely to look at.

    I would say they are as tame as chipmunks - or more - they came running up to us within a few inches and even followed us as we went along! In fact I brought one home with me and he's sittiing up here beside me on the couch, reading the newspaper lol!!

    I love that that poster caught everyone's eye - when I saw it I knew it was a winner :)

  13. Hi Ninny, Thanks, it's leaves are a very deep purple, so it adds a pop of color in amongst all the greens. I kind of thought Tootie might be - they are so adorable - we cut Emma's hair pretty short a few weeks ago as well - we're finding it great for summer and bathtime.

  14. I love peonies! What an awesome bloom! And if I may boast for just one moment, after 10 years we have finally put our peonies in the right spot and for the first time ever we have some decent blooms! So excited that I don't have to live through others any more.

    And, I didn't know ninebark blooms, or that prairie dogs have such long disgusting nails, or that monkey poop sometimes smells like bananas. Such an education!

  15. Tricky Nag, Thanks for the reminder, I've been thinking that perhaps that's something I should consider - right now mine are only getting only afternoon sun.

    I'm happy to hear that Jane's Jewels isn't all mere fluff lol - hey, I'm providing a public service here!

  16. Love the flower pictures and all the other interesting info!! My peonies are almost done for this year :( That was one thing I disliked about being away for a week--they were in their prime the last week of June. We have Duffy securely in a crate in the back of the truck!!

  17. Fantastic pictures! Very beautiful!

  18. Dianne, I have only a few buds left myself and that's it for me :( All that wind and rain the past few days didn't do us any favors. Somehow I just knew Duffy travelled safely secured :)

    Hi Mikko, Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments :) I stopped by your blog and am in awe of your artwork - you are very talented.


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