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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If it's Tuesday... then this must be Jane's Jewels!

Greetings and I hope your past week was a good one. Above is a metal sign I hung in my garden shed office the other day. It gives me a chuckle each time I look up. Some highlights from my week include our fantastic weather (the weekend and first part of this week have been a write-off though), finally completing a long over-due garden project, digging out a new flower bed, many thanks to my dh* and giving my house a much-needed big cleaning over the weekend (well, it was raining anyways).                 *dear husband 

This was Wednesday afternoon, looking down from my deck; my completed project, sigh :) This seemingly simple creation was three years in the making, due of course to me dragging my feet! When we first made this area (six years ago) these blocks had a different finish and there were also small rocks in between and around the perimeter. Also, the center area had an extra four blocks in it. The rocks were a bad choice - you couldn't walk across without knocking them onto the patio blocks... grrr... and then the weeds and grass eventually made their way through the garden cloth. After digging out the rocks and removing the garden cloth, I applied a new finish. (Flexstone)

(Expand to see finish)

A conduit pipe for the electrical cord and sod completed the job. The fountain (a gift for our 25th anniversary two years ago - thanks again Mom :) was previously located in another part of the yard. To me, this area now gives my garden the over-all serene feel I was hoping for.

Here is another angle yesterday. The vines are hops, they completely enclose our covered deck as well. 

The other day I planted a Virginia Creeper at the back of my yard against the fence, which I expect will engulf the fence in time. I hope that wasn't a mistake! - if anyone has experience with this vine, please let me know anything I might find useful. I've made peace with the hops (we've had our battles), and in retrospect I would have chosen a different vine, but I guess that's all a part of the joy of gardening, isn't it?!

Greetings Gardeners! 
I also hung this slightly creepy wooden Watcher.
Not something I'd want in the house, but fun for the office :)

Here she is mid-howl!
We fear what we don't know, and our puppy Emma is no exception. On Thursday she had a fit over an empty plastic bottle we'd tossed on the floor. Instead of playing with it, she barked non-stop for 15 minutes - no exaggeration. However, Friday she barked for only 10 minutes and then something clicked: she got her nerve up and attacked, lol!! Too funny!

I'm relieved to see that she isn't the only animal 
with an irrational fear of everyday objects...!
This went viral last week.

Isn't this a gorgeous shot? Unfortunately, it marks NASA's last space shuttle for at least three years, possibly five or more. Atlantis and four astronauts roared into orbit on Friday and it was noted that the crowds (and resulting emotions) were on a scale not seen since the Apollo moon shots. In response, Former NASA Chief Michael Griffin had the following comment: 

"The regret in retiring the shuttle is not that we're retiring a 30-year-old system. That's to be expected," Griffin says. "The regret is that we're not moving on to something that can do more for us. We're not moving on to anything. … I was in favor of retiring the shuttle if that was the price of building a system that could take us back to the moon and beyond. I'm not in favor of retiring the shuttle and replacing it with nothing. … That is what is going to happen."

I agree. It's pretty disappointing.

Shouldn't we be halfway to this by now?
Or at least here?

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth lol, here's something not quite 'out of this world', but stunning nonetheless :) In fact, this short video is perhaps the most amazing thing I've seen in a very long time. Robins built a nest in a hanging basket and the next four weeks were filmed... Let me know your favorite part, mine was dedicated Mom sticking to her post, even in the pouring rain.

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed this meander through my week...
As my profile states, Jane's Jewels is a "cornucopia of my interests" lol!!

Have a great day!


  1. Your new fountain area looks wonderful. And I love that robin video! Poor mama robin when she comes back with a juicy worm and the nest is empty. She seems so disconsolate for a minute or two. Then she accepts it and flies away.

  2. You have out did yourself with this great posting. Its all so interesting.

    I was bemused with the cat clip, cats are so funny and yet rather strange creatures. They live in a world all their own. And Emma and her antics....priceless.

    I believe your fountain and area are truly beautiful. Eat your heart out Martha Stewart!

    The sign is one we all should have posted where all may view it. I love it....I will be looking around for one just like it. Or failing that, I'll just make my own.....lol

  3. I kinda feel like we live on another planet at times;p Or at least in Jetsons times!

  4. Great post, Jane! There are so many goodies here; it was worth waiting for. Your fountain area is gorgeous. We keep talking about adding cool things around the garden, but that's all we're doing - talking...LOL... Love that creepy wooden watcher. I'd be tempted to hang it in the house just to freak my daughter and her friends out. Wouldn't it be cool if the eyes lit up when you walk by? I so loved the video with the robins. They're such sweet birds, and wonderful parents! I'm a sucker for stuff like this. Makes me all mushy inside :)

  5. I need a sign like that!!

    The fountain area definitely has a serene quality to it - enjoy.

    The cat video is hysterical and I would love to see Emma attacking the bottle.

    Have a great week.

  6. Psycho cats... gotta love em. I like the mask too... reminds me of grey alien. I have a small collection of grey alien items with my favorite being grey alien baby in a lamp. (You probably wouldn't want that one in your home either lol)

  7. Debra, Thanks :) I noticed that myself - felt kind of bad for her - she seemed in shock. But like most mothers, she quickly got over it and was off enjoying her freedom - I know I am!

    Hi Lorene, I'm glad to hear you feel you're getting your money's worth - maybe I should install one of those apps on my sidebar where my visitors can make a donation to my "Make Me Rich" fund lol! As for my fountain area - haha - Yes, take that Martha :>

    LaelShine, Some of our cities do look space-age, Hong Kong harbour, if you've ever seen pics sure does. And of course some of our toys - I had hoped we'd be exploring space a lot more by now...

    Hi Martha, Thanks :) and now that it's all done (and of course we chose one of our hottest days we've had to do it on) I wonder what took us so long. I was very impressed with the robins attentiveness to their little ones - I laughed that it took a tag-team to keep them all fed :)

    Mel, I think that saying is hilarious - it works at home and work (especially at work lol) I was thinking that I should video Emma next time she takes a dislike to something and post it.

    WebDebris, A grey alien baby in a lamp is something I definitely need to see - is it a 70's item? If so, perhaps one of your next posts?!

  8. Jane, sadly it isn't a 70s item lol. I will try and get some pictures of it and send you this weekend. Here is a link to one online.


  9. I wish we had a better space program too. Funny how we can find trillions for war and pillage, but a shuttle? Oh no. Love the kitty - that sideways hop they do I can watch all day. And the bird nest is awesome.

  10. WebDebris, Thanks for that link. In a word: Creepy! Who thinks of these things lol!

    Tatiana, My sentiments exactly, but war is big business...

  11. I love your garden activities and plans, and additions!! It's always a work in progress isn't it? I now have 4 sitting areas in my back yard and am very happy about that!! I have my fountain now and got a bird bath last year, so it's coming together! And I have my own robin nest to watch and yes Mrs. Robin stays there in all weather--now that's hard work!!

  12. Hi Dianne, You are so right - it never ends - we only get closer! 4 sitting areas sound divine :) How nice to have a robins nest to watch, I am pretty sure there are nests each spring in a huge evergreen just outside my front window, but I can't see anything due to the thick foliage.


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